Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bear eats Monkey

This is the strangest news story I've read in quite some time. I believe in my heart that the rest of the monkeys will form a gang and, not to long from now, I'll be posting another link entitled "Monkey gang takes revenge!"



MrNinja said...

What's your take on the report " Muslims journey to see Koran message of 'wonder fish' tuna".
The otherwise ordinary fish caught the attention of fishmonger Omar Mohammed Awadh who pulled it out of a catch when he noticed what seemed to be Arabic writing among the scales near its tail, officials said.

Arabic scholars examined the fish and determined the writing was a Koranic verse meaning "God is the greatest of all providers," said Hassan Mohamed Hassan, an education officer with the National Museums of Kenya in Mombasa

Perhaps this same message was written on the monkey's fur and the bear took it to mean he was being provided with a divine meal. Honest mistake really, no cause for revenge.

keith champagne said...

I cannot argue with Mr. Ninja's logic here. Obviously, he is far wiser than I am.

In my heart, I still think the monkeys are coming back hard. Eye for an eye, baby!

wolfbrother said...

Maybe Fred can help with his newly acquired therapy powers ....

Crime-Fighting Cat Now Trying Therapy

NEW YORK - It's on to the next caper for Fred, the crime-fighting cat. The feline, part of an undercover sting in February to get a man pretending to be a veterinarian, is in the process of being certified as a therapy cat, according to his owner, Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney Carol Moran....

robskiles said...

While Fred’s observation is astute and everyone’s support warranted the truth is however much more dark and sinister.

What wasn’t said in the news piece about the bears was that the bear who did the mauling was the head priest of a three bear coven dedicated to the dark and ancient arts of “Morko-amada”.

What the news reported also neglected to realize was that on May 14th was the Morko-amada high holiday of “Ndengina I’ ai” which of course demanded that a sacrifice be made and eaten.

The real problem is now that this cycle has been successfully completed the World will now experience the 12 days of ‘Helda’ which none of us want.

The only chance we have is to carry a piece of popped corn in our pocket for the next 12 days. If not the time of ‘Helda’ will reign.

MrNinja said...

In ancient times, when ninja would recieve scrolls detailing such ill news they could avoid such horrible events and bad luck by quickly forwarding these scrolls to as many friends as possible.

Often they would think of a wish, and if they forwarded the scroll to enough people it would come true in 24 hours.

Its a shame we stopped that practice and there is no modern day equivalent.
I should have gone with an unsalted and butterless kernel.

robskiles said...

Mr. Ninja,

You are a wise man indeed. I did neglect to specify the type of popping corn and you are of course correct.

Also, in the ancient days, far from your Orient, we also had such mystical practices. When they went wrong however parchments would appear from nowhere over and over with scrawled jibberish. These were created by evil priests who were intent on slowing the progress of good people throughout the world.

It's interesting to learn that such challenges were faced in various regions.

Thank you for your wise telling.