Thursday, June 08, 2006

My friend Dave Baldy(the fellow who is not Burt Reynolds in this picture) recently paid a visit to the set of a film he did some quick rewrite work on. Appearing in this fine motion picture is none other than the legendary Bandit himself. Luckily, there was a camera on set to capture the big moment for all posterity. What are the odds of finding a camera on a movie set? It's almost a miracle.

Not only did Baldy meet Mr. Reynolds, he also lost $200 in poker to Shannon Elizabeth, best known as 'the girl with no shirt on' in several fine feature films, including the first American Pie. Why he didn't charm her into playing strip poker, I'll never know each their own.

I'm pretty sure Baldy is in six foot territory (that's 72 inches for those of you who subscribe to the Metric system), I know he's a couple of inches taller than I am. I was surprised that he absolutely towers over Burt Reynolds in this picture. While it's common knowledge that the magic of movies can make people seem taller than they are, I would also assume that The Bandit has withered with age.

I got a kick out of this picture because let's face will always be cool to meet Burt Reynolds. The only thing that could make Burt Reynolds cooler is if he had made a buddy movie with a monkey at some point.Burt Reynolds + Monkeys = MONEY!


robskiles said...

Not just a monkey but the one from "Every which way but loose". The plot could be that he stole Clyde from Clint to entice him to a fight.

Then Burt could brain wash Clyde into liking him best over Clint; which of course would be throw Clint over the edge and make him want to fight.

During the fight between Clint and Burt, Clyde would intervene and help Burt against Clint. (here's where it gets good). Then, just as it looks hopeless for Clint, the ghost of Clint's crazy mom (she's got to be dead by now) appears to Clyde (Clyde standing over Clint's nearly comotose body) and breaks his brainwashing.

Now the music comes in....Clyde gives one of those crazy kisses to Clint which wakes him up and allows him to bash Burt to the ground.

The sequel (it will be screamed for) will be all of the camio Celebs coming to the aid of the Bandit against Clint and gang.

MrNinja said...

Following those films, the two will team up for the ultimate one-two punch in movies-Firefox II and the Cannonball Run III!