Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Not The End...

It's probably way early to announce this and who knows? It might even get me in some warm water with the powers that be, but I'm bored tonight and I need a break from cleaning my office.

So the totally hardcore, no wimps allowed, secret Black Ops division of the Green Lantern Corps, THE CORPSE, is coming back--six issues stronger in a story called "The New Black."

To date, I've turned in the first script, an outline for issue #2, and a synopsis for the overall series. It's too early to say whether this new adventure will stand on its own legs as a separate mini-series or perhaps double ship for three months in the pages of GLC. Both ideas have been talked over and there are advantages to both approaches. I'm leaning towards the mini-series approach because it doesn't interfere with Mr. Gibbons' run and it's also food for my ego. However, running in the pages of GLC gives the concept a nice safety net so we'll see what happens as we go along.

In either case, I don't think we'll see the light of day until early 08.

Pat, I want you back. I hope you're schedule will allow it because this is OUR baby. I don't want to raise it with someone else.

Obviously, I'm not going to spoil any content this far out but I will say that now that The Corpse has been established, we can take off the training wheels and get our hands dirty. 'The Dark Side Of Green' was a nice appetizer for where things are going but in some very subtle ways, it was watered down by editorial decisions that needed to be made in regards to the whole Green Lantern Franchise. Nothing that killed the story but its teeth were definitely sanded down a bit.

Not so, next time out.

One last note. The clincher to this project getting the greenlight was the overwhelmingly positive response to The Corpse and their initial adventure. You guys created a real buzz on the message boards and with the positive reviews and the people at DC pay attention to what you think.

So this is me saying thanks! And I'll try to say it again--a little louder--by giving you your money's worth next year with THE NEW BLACK.


moira said...

No. It really is Thank You.

So, is there some weird way you and Patrick could slip Batman into that mini?
He is kinda black ops by nature.....

Anonymous said...

That is GREAT Keith! I'll look forward to it!

SallyP said...

Why...why this is just delightful. And well-deserved!

Steven said...

Congratulations on getting to continue with your story. Sounds awesome. Will be looking forward to it. I really enjoy your work.

keith champagne said...

Thanks, guys and gals. Appreciate the comments.

Moira, if The Corpse make it back to Earth, I'll see what I can do for you!

Be-as-Ourself said...

Dude... Your story kicked some serious ass. That pill idea and the suits acting like some sort of second skin [makes me think of Venom.. but kinda cooler]... Awsome.

What a great idea all around. Great character moments. Everything was awsome.

I can't wait. Everyone's sayin it, so I hope you don't think I'm a bandwaggon jumper, but you deserve it.

Jimmy T said...

Nicely Done.

I will spread the word.

Jimmy T

robskiles said...

Very exciting!