Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Let's see...what to blog about?

I'm in the middle of dialoguing THE MIGHTY #5 and it's one of those nights where coming up with words for the balloons feels like pulling teeth from the all-powerful Zeus. I wish I had something witty to follow that up with but it's just not flowing. Or actually, it is. It's just flowing in a really bad, upset stomach kind of way. Frustrating.

I'm interested in hearing what everyone's New Year's resolutions are this year, if you're the type of quasi-anonymous blog readers that make New Year's resolutions. Aside from my plan to make ONE MILLION DOLLARS in '09, I'm going to finally build (or have built) my website because all the cool kids have one these days. I'm also going to be more interactive with the comments on this blog. Too often, I skim through but don't reply to anything. So I'll make an effort to be more polite. I guess the same could apply to returning phone calls, which I'm pretty horrible at doing promptly.

Aside from work-related stuff, on a personal level, I'm going to massage my self-esteem this year. I think waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too highly of myself, it's really sick how awesome I am. Or maybe the opposite. So I got to thinking it may be healthy to round myself off to a more normal level, either way. And if I don't have anything nice to say, I'm not going to kill myself to say something nice.

How about you?


Jessica said...

Well to continue my stalking lol... the hundred dollars for the bet wont be a problem if your goal is to make a million dollars in 09 haha :)

Sorry to hear your having trouble with the dialogue. I would try to provide some light to your situation but no i am useless lol :)

So new years resolution... well i have a few goals for this year... One being that I give birth to healthy little baby which is a given. :) Another is to show maturity and remeber always that i now live not only for myself but my child. Which shouldnt be a problem because i am already in love with my little jelly bean :) I have a feeling this year will bring a lot of change for me and I am excited to embrass it and get the most out of it.

Well I hope you have a wonderful night! Hopefully the weather doesnt get too bad tonight i am supposed to work at noon and they tend to have me not come in when the weathers bad.

Homesick At Space Camp said...

Sweet, you're back! :D Thanks for the comments, appreciate that coming from you! I hope this year is full of Keith Champagne books!

Happy New Year!


Jessica said...

YA!!! My mom is letting me find out! So get ready to pay up lol... 3 weeks on the 29th i will know! Whats your email so i can let you know when i find out! Have a good night!

Gerb said...

Keith... always glad to get your updates. Sorry to hear that the dialog bubbles are giving you some trouble. My New Year's resolutions are somewhat formal this year, as a group of us are doing the "Hope Challenge". My personal goals and progress are at GerbHopeChallenge.blogger.com. Check it out.

keith champagne said...

Jessica, my email is listed under my profile here on the blog.

Thanks, Chris. I hope the year is also full of Chris Yeoman books!

Gerb, you are the man as always. I'm not a follower of your blog.