Monday, June 04, 2007

Lost in Translation

Back from Tennessee, where I had a nice time at Adventurecon. I'll blog about it later this week when I get caught up on things.

Out of curiosity, does anybody out there know how to say "Boy Scout" in Russian or "goddamn" in German? I'm not having much luck with online translators but I'm thinking super geniuses (geniusi?) like Mr. Ninja or Brad Brown will know...because they know everything and can make up the rest.



MrNinja said...

бойскаут and
Verdammt noch mal.

Jimmy T said...

In German it is "Pfadfinder"

The P is silent.

Jimmy T

Jimmy T said...

I am a lottle weak now on German but "Verdammt" is condemned.
"Noch" is still.

I got yelled at alot on German shoots.


Jimmy T said...

I just asked a friend about russian and it is pronounced

Rahs-v-yedst-chuk Mahl-cheek-ka


MrNinja said...

I'm pretty sure "Verdammt noch mal" is German for 'whales vagina'.

I'll be honest, I don't think anyone knows what it means anymore. Scholars maintain that the translation was lost hundreds of years ago.

toyguytn said...

Hey Keith!

Not very fluent in Russian and German so I can't help you out in that regards....

Met you this weekend at Adventurecon. Bought a beautiful JSA page from you and got a really nice sketch(and bugged you, Don, Ethan, Andy and Tom wayyyyy too much). Thanks again and hope to see you guys back in Knoxville in the future.

SallyP said...

Keith, it doesn't really matter much WHAT you say in German, with all those gutterals and umlauts, it always sounds bad.

keith champagne said...

Toyguy, what page did you buy? AdventureCon was a good time, thanks for coming by the table.

Jimmy T now adds linguist to his list of many talents! Thanks, guys.

toyguytn said...


I bought the JSA page, pencilled by Don Kramer and inked by you, which showed the new JSA entering a room with the Golden agers hanging in pics on the wall. I believe it was from #73.