Thursday, March 29, 2007

Happy Birthday to Wags The Dog.

In about another 45 minutes, it will become March 30th.

Three years ago, at 5:03 in the morning on March 30th, my very best friend and favorite person in the entire world was born.

Happy birthday to my dear son, Jack, AKA Wags The Dog, AKA The Woofie Machine, AKA Scoots or Big Boy or any of another half a dozen nicknames.

Over the past year, Jack has reminded me how much I've forgotten about life. Simple things like:

Why walk when you can run?
Why run when you can jump?
Why jump when you can climb?
Why climb? Why not?

The sky is really, really blue and at night, it's full of stars.

Snow is much more fun than I give it credit for.

Cardboard boxes make the best toys of all.

Most importantly, there's nothing I love more in this world than being his daddy and no one I love more than my little boy.

Happy birthday, Wags!! Daddy loves you.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Broken Master: Pages 6 and 7

Sorry for the delay in putting these up. Not only am I sometimes a himbo, I also have other things on my plate that steal my tiny attention span away. Plus my main computer refuses to boot up anymore, preferring to taunt me with a bright blue screen and enigmatic words like "physical memory dump." I don't know what that is but it doesn't sound good.

Anyway, here's a couple of more pages of script. I enjoyed writing faithful butler and Jiminy Cricket-like Alfred quite a bit.


Cut to the Bat-cave where Bruce Wayne is standing atop some thick scaffolding, hunched over the cockpit of the Bat-plane, hard at work running through a systems check.

There are a couple of workbenches covered with tools positioned at the base of the scaffolding.

ALFRED approaches. He’s carrying a tray of food: A thick steak, baked potato, and a glass of milk.

1- CAPTION: Later.
2- ALFRED: Master Bruce?
3- BRUCE WAYNE: Almost done, Alfred. The throttle was sticking but I’ve got the kinks worked out.
4- ALFRED: Have you left any time in your last minute preparations to EAT or did this poor cow I cooked lose its life for nothing?


Bruce springs off the scaffolding, flips in midair, and lands next to Alfred.

This is one of those action sequences where we should see a couple of different ghost figures of Bruce in various stages of motion, ending with him landing next to his butler.

5- BRUCE WAYNE (atop the scaffolding): What would I do—
6- BRUCE WAYNE (lands next to Alfred): --without you, old friend?
7- ALFRED: Starve to death, most likely.
8- ALFRED: Will you be eating upstairs in your stately and magnificent DINING ROOM or down HERE, in your dank and humid cave?


Bruce takes the platter of food from Alfred, a wry smile on his face.

9- BRUCE WAYNE: You’d probably have a heart attack if I actually took my meal upstairs.
10- ALFRED: Will you require anything else before I retire, sir?


Bruce, having set the platter of food down on a nearby workbench, begins to eat. Alfred stands nearby.

11- BRUCE WAYNE: Just a talk, perhaps, while I eat.
12- ALFRED: Very good, sir. Shall I try to read your mind or would you rather tell me what’s on it?


Angle on Bruce, pensive.

13- BRUCE WAYNE: Bane.


Bruce takes a slug of milk. Nearby, Alfred begins to dust off a computer console with his handkerchief.

1- BRUCE WAYNE: At one point, I thought we had reached an UNDERSTANDING. I was skeptical he would turn over a new leaf but still…I had HOPE.
2- ALFRED: Never put your trust in a man who almost crippled you, sir. My grandmother always SWORE to that and it’s never failed me yet.


Angle on Bruce. He’s cocking an eyebrow towards Alfred.

3- BRUCE WAYNE: You never joke this much, not unless you’re worried about me.


Angle on Alfred, focused on his dusting.

4- ALFRED: Ridiculous. I’m merely distracting you from the fear that’s doubtlessly clogging your arteries.
5- ALFRED: I’d imagine this sort of situation--where you don’t have the slightest idea what you’re walking into—could be unnerving.


Bruce takes the handkerchief from Alfred’s hand.

6- BRUCE WAYNE: Bane doesn’t get to hurt anybody else. Not if I can help it. It ends with Judomaster and it should never have gone THAT far.
7- BRUCE WAYNE: That MONSTER may have beaten me ONCE but ultimately, he only made me STRONGER. I’ve proved it every time we’ve butted heads since.
8- ALFRED: As you say, sir.


Bruce begins to ascend back up the scaffolding towards the Bat-plane. He’s looking back down at Alfred.

9- BRUCE WAYNE: One last thing, Alfred.
10- BRUCE WAYNE: I’ve got a LONG flight ahead. Would you mind packing me a doggie bag?
11- ALFRED: But of course, sir.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

BROKEN MASTER: Pages 4 and 5


Batman steps up onto the ledge of the roof, his cape flickering in the wind and rain. His back is turned to The Question so he can keep an eye on Gotham City while they converse.

1- BATMAN (caption): Judomaster.
2- BATMAN (caption): Few have fought so long and hard to make a difference as Ripley Jagger.
3- BATMAN (caption): His back was broken trying to take down BANE. One of MINE.


Closer on Batman; he’s looking over his shoulder back at The Question.

Lightning flashes behind him.

4- BATMAN: You’ve got my attention.


The Question steps up onto the ledge next to Batman. Neither one should look at the other while they speak. Both stare out over the city.

5- THE QUESTION: Slippery up here. You should be careful.
6- BATMAN: Get to the point, Sage.
7- THE QUESTION: A few of us are heading to Nanda Parbat to do what we can for Judomaster. Bronze Tiger. Richard Dragon. Myself.


Close on The Question. Big drops of rain pelt off his mask.

8- THE QUESTION: He asked for YOU, too.


Looking up the exterior of the precinct house at Batman and The Question, standing on the ledge high above ground.

10- BATMAN: I RESPECT Judomaster but…Nanda Parbat is halfway around the world. I’ve spent too much time away from Gotham. Away from my responsibilities here.
11- BATMAN: What does he need ME for when he’s already got the three of you?
12- THE QUESTION: Is that rhetorical or are you showing off your MODEST side?


Batman ignores the Question. He shields his eyes from the rain with a hand and squints out at the city.

13- BATMAN: I hear SIRENS about six blocks NORTH.
14- BATMAN: Make your pitch. I'm needed elsewhere.


The Question turns his head, looks over at Batman.

1- THE QUESTION: To the point it is, then.
2- THE QUESTION: Ripley Jagger asked for YOUR help, same as he asked for OURS. After all he's done to make this world a better place, I think he's earned a little LATITUDE.
3- THE QUESTION: Pull the bat-stick out of your ass and lend a hand.


Close on Batman, stoic, pelted by rain. He's lost in inscrutable thought.



Batman leaps off the roof and out into the night, leaving The Question alone on the precinct roof.

3- BATMAN: I’ll meet you in Nanda Parbat.

Friday, March 16, 2007


Been having some browser issues over the last few days, meaning this post is a little later than I thought it was going to be. I switched to Netscape after IE decided it no longer wants to work but for some reason, signing into my blog crashes Netscape dead. Hopefully, I can get all this stuff worked out and get back on track. In the meantime, here's a couple of more pages.

Oh, I got an email from an aspiring penciller asking if he could draw some samples from this script. Anyone that wants to, feel more than free. I'd be glad to provide a critique.


Rain pours down. Lightning flashes. Thunder booms. It’s quite a contrast from the idyllic weather in Nanda Parbat.

In the middle of the raging elements, BATMAN slices through the concrete canyons of Gotham City, borne aloft on his razor-thin bat-line.

The bat-signal lights up the sky above him.

1- BATMAN (caption): In the world I live in, the rain is a FRIEND.
2- BATMAN (caption): On a night like THIS, all the decent people in Gotham are huddled up at home with their families.
3- BATMAN (caption): All the DECENT people.
4- BATMAN (caption): It makes my life so much easier.

TITLE: BROKEN MASTER (part one of two)


Writer: Keith Champagne
Penciller: Tbd
Inker: Tbd
Letterer: Tbd
Colorist: Tbd
Grasshopper: Michael Siglain
Grand Master: Peter Tomasi


The Bat-signal sits, seemingly deserted, on the roof of the precinct house. No one seems to be around to have lit it, yet nonetheless, there it shines into the stormy night.



In the foreground, THE QUESTION hides in the shadow of the bat-signal. His identity should be obscured until the next panel.

Batman swings to a landing atop the roof of the precinct.

1- BATMAN: You might as well come out. I saw you three blocks ago.
2- BATMAN: I have a busy night. What do you want? And how did you gain access to the signal?


The Question steps out of the shadows.

3- THE QUESTION: And here I thought it was MY job to ask the questions.


Batman shoots the Question an icy glare. Pure intimidation.

4- BATMAN (caption): Vic Sage. THE QUESTION.
5- BATMAN (caption): Unless the world is ending, he should know BETTER. Only GORDON has the right to call me this way.
6- BATMAN: If you’re wasting my time, you’re not going to like the ANSWERS.


The Question holds out his hands, palms forward, gesturing for Batman to stand down.

7- THE QUESTION: Unclench, big man. You're gonna pop a blood vessel.
8- THE QUESTION: I’ve got an urgent message for you from a mutual FRIEND.
8- THE QUESTION: Judomaster. He needs your HELP.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Broken Master: PAGE ONE


A scenic view of NANDA PARBAT, vibrant, green, and full of life.

The village is ringed on all sides by vast, snow-covered mountain ranges. The sky above is brilliant blue, dotted with soft white clouds. It’s the picture of a simple, beautiful, paradise.

From a distance it’s hard to tell but as we get closer to the mountains, it will become clear that there are temples carved directly out of the stone.

1- CAPTION: Nanda Parbat.


Closer on the mountains that have been painstakingly transformed over the years into a breathtaking display of rock cut architecture. An entire second community lives in ornate temples that have been excavated out of the vertical face of the mountains.

NOTE: For an introduction to rock cut architecture, try: or Google the term “Rock Cut Architecture.”



Zooming in on a balcony attached to the exterior of a large, pillared chamber of one of the temples.

A MAN sits in a bamboo chair on the balcony. This is RIPLEY JAGGER, The Judomaster. He’s not in costume. In fact, he’s shirtless and his lower back and torso are heavily bandaged. Although we don’t need to see it in this panel, his legs are useless. They’re bound together by straps of canvas at the ankles, knees, and thighs.

There’s a second man standing obscured in the shadows behind him. We’ll see shortly that this is BANE.



Angle on Ripley Jagger.

His eyes are squinted as he tirelessly scans the village far below. His face is pinched, tight with the pain that he’s feeling every second of every day.

Bane, from behind Jagger, places his hand on Judomaster’s shoulder.

2- BANE: Easy, my former little Judomaster.
3- BANE: There’s no need to get up, not on MY account.


Angle on Bane, revealing his identity. I thought this might be a good time to redesign him a bit to make him look a little bit less like a Mexican wrestler and more like a super villain.

Either way, he’s not wearing his mask and is looking down at Ripley Jagger with a cold, smug grin on his face. He has the Judomaster costume slung around his shoulders the way a hunter wears the pelt of an animal he’s killed.

4- BANE: Your FRIENDS will be here soon enough.

Monday, March 12, 2007


Around the middle of last year, as I was finishing up my Green Lantern Corps assignment, I was given two issues of Batman to write and told to go off and come up with some ideas.

I knew right away what I wanted to do.

The DC universe is chock full of martial artists, all of them seemingly the toughest of the tough, world class fighters who have mastered every conceivable discipline known to man and quite a few that have been made up over the years. I've always kind of wondered who was the baddest mofo running around town.

So I pitched the idea of a tournament consisting of six or eight of the top fighters running around the DC Universe. Guys like Batman, Richard Dragon, Bronze Tiger, and The Question. Ladies like Shiva. A few more thrown in for good measure, for reasons related to the story. All I needed was a context to give them a good reason to fight.

I got that context from Infinite Crisis, specifically the panel where Bane breaks JudoMaster's back. It was a throwaway moment (at least I thought so) but it gave me the germ of an idea that grew into my Batman pitch.

After breaking Judomaster in half, Bane, being the asshole that he is, would have claimed the mantle of Judomaster. By doing so, he steals Judomaster's identity and, more importantly, his honor. Now paralyzed and unable to wrest his honor back from Bane, Judomaster sends out a call for help to some of his friends.

They all assemble in Nanda Parbat and agree to fight tournament style, with the winner challenging Bane in Judomaster's stead. Bane agrees to go along with it because, in a nutshell, it gets him off to drive everyone nuts like this.

I wrote up the first fifteen or sixteen pages of issue #1 and then my little project was killed. Due to 52 and One Year Later, almost every character I was using would either be unavailable at the time the story took place or drastically changed by the time it saw print (See: The Question.) Not to mention, the powers that be had decided that Judomaster was killed during Bane's attack, not paralyzed.

It was disappointing and frustrating but these kinds of things happen when you work in a shared universe. I went on to write two issues of Batman about a new villain, The Mirror, that should see print sooner or later.

In the meantime, I thought I'd post up my script for BATMAN: BROKEN MASTER here on my blog, one page at a time. So look for page one starting later this week, and I'll probably post a new page every couple of days. When I'm out of script, maybe I'll post the complete synopsis so you can see how it was all going to end. Or maybe not, maybe it's better just to make up your own ending. We'll have to see how it plays out.

So keep an eye out and I hope you'll enjoy it.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Care Bear Stare!

In light of not having much time to post anything this week, I thought I'd crib the photoshop mastery of the mysterious "Dan", who whipped this together, and throw it up here. This was probably ridiculously easy to do for anyone except for me. The only thing I'm good at doing in photoshop is getting frustrated.

Thanks, "Dan!"

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Randy Couture

Twenty years from now, when Hollywood makes a movie out of Randy Couture's life and fighting career, I'm buying a ticket for opening night.


Thursday, March 01, 2007


Here's America's favorite writer-inker at the DC panel last week.

Brad, you weren't kidding when you said I look like Robo-Keith. I'm used to getting red eye in pictures, very rarely do I take a picture without it. But what's up with the blue-ish teeth? It looks like I just had a blueberry popsicle or something.

Green? Yellow? Sure, I could buy that. But blue?? That's just weird.

Maybe some Photoshop wizard out there can have me shooting energy out of my robo-eyes or something cool.