Sunday, October 04, 2009

Hitting many bases

Been awhile, how's everybody doing out there? Thought I'd grab a few minutes on a miscellaneous day ( a day where I'm basically dotting t's and crossing i's...or something like that) to pop in and see what's shaking.

The Mighty #9 ships this Wednesday, I hope everybody will pick it up and are continuing to enjoy the story. Just four more issues until the end of 'Season One.' I shot my pass at the dialogue for #11 over to Tomasi this weekend, the amazing Chris Samnee has finished up issue #12, #10 is lettered and in the process of being colored so creatively, we're in the home stretch. The fit really hits the shan over the last handful of issues and I hope everyone feels that the long, slow build has been worth the wait.

In other news, Death Valley #1 is solicited from Desperado this month in the giant Previews phone book. It's my first western and I hope you'll come along for the ride and at least try the first issue. I don't think you'll be disappointed, especially if you like famous outlaws, ninjas, or famous outlaws fighting ninjas. A little something for the whole family in this one.

Moving on, I should know the issue number to this week's issue of Green Lantern Corp because I jumped in to ink a handful of pages and help beat the deadline crunch. Lots of fun inking my beloved Patrick Gleason and it's the first time we've worked together since I wrote and he drew our little Corpse story back in GLC #7-9. It's just as enjoyable to ink him as it is to write for him, I'm happy to say! I've inked a couple of pin-ups and covers over Pat over the years but this is the first time I've done interior work with him. Maybe I'll do some more in the future, I was surprised to find myself enjoying inking again.

Let's see...Dean Koontz' NEVERMORE from the Dabel Brothers should be a post unto itself. Not sure when #3 will arrive in stores but I'd imagine soon. Maybe I'll blog more about the behind-the-scenes on this project another time soon.

And lastly, for now, I'm going to accept a limited number of commissions for those interested. I'm often contacted by readers looking for personalized art and usually, I say no because I'm generally doing six hundred things on any given day and really can't squeeze in #601. But as an exercise in stretching my wings, I'm going to say yes to five or six. If you're interested, please email me at for prices/sizes/info for either a pencilled/inked piece or, if you have a previously pencilled commission you'd like inked, we can talk about that as well.

I'll try to pop in later this week to talk further about it but if I get sidetracked, I'll be appearing at Fallcon this coming weekend, Oct 9-11, in Minnesota. It's my third or fourth time being flown out for the show and Nick Post and his crew always put on a top notch convention. By all means, say hi if you're in the area.

More soon.