Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My EX-favorite

Well...it wasn't pretty.

Alexandru Lungru came out roaring, knocking James Thompson down with a huge right hand about seven seconds into the first round. If I wasn't down and out from food poisoning, I would have jumped off my couch and cheered. He then pounced on Thompson, trying to finish the fight on the ground but to no avail.

Two minutes in, clearly gassed out, Lungru answered a volley of punches from Thompson by turning his back to him and trying to hide in the corner. The ref quickly stepped in, seeing that Lungru had lost his fighting spirit, and stopped the fight.

Your winner after two minutes and some spare change: JAMES THOMPSON

I also feel that the Sakuraba/Shamrock fight was stopped way too soon. Possibly even suspiciously so. And Sakuraba is my real favorite but I gotta call a spade a spade.

I hope Pride doesn't begin following suit with the UFC's policy of premature stoppages. Let the fighters go until there's no controversy involved in a stoppage. Saku and Shamrock are both legendary warriors and neither one needs a tainted win or tainted loss on their records.



Gerb said...

All flash, but no staying power... that's a shame. It sounds like he should have been able to finish things off. Of course, if I had been on the other end of that first punch, I too would have gone down, but the fight would have been over.

keith champagne said...

Say it ain't so, gerb! You're famous for your jaw of steel. You would have taken that shot, forgotten to fall, and retaliated with your deadly fists of fire!