Wednesday, October 19, 2005

my new favorite

This is Alexandru Lungu. He's my new favorite MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter.

From what I understand, Alexandru is actually a very decorated Judoka (judo player) in his native Romania. He's even beaten a couple of Olympic Judo gold medallists. This Sunday, he's fighting a fellow named James Thompson (who should legally change his last name to Steroids), in the Pride Fighting Championship ring in Japan.

I've never seen Alexandru Lungu fight and I can't wait to watch him lumber around the ring. Actually, I'll bet he's surprisingly graceful for his size.

Win or lose, this guy is my new favorite.


1 comment:

Matthew250786 said...

Who are you to say the guy uses steroids, He fights in a number of diffrent competions which test for steroid use. he is 120kg with an off seson body fat of around 17-18% and a competion body fat of around 10-11% it pisses me off the idea that just because some one is big and not massivley fat that they must take steroids. try doing some training your self befor you make uninformed comments about other people who do actually put the effort in.