Thursday, October 27, 2005


Because I'm racing the deadline clock today, I'm resorting to a quick work shot in order to post something to America's favorite new blog.

This was the back cover to ARMOR X #2, pencilled by Aaron Lopresti and inked by me. It's the only bit of artwork that I contributed to the book.

ARMOR X was a four-issue series that was published earlier this year by ATP Comics and Image Comics. It's written by me and drawn by a very talented artist named Andy Smith. The book is the story of a high school loser named Carson Deeds who stumbles across a suit of high tech, possibly alien body armor. He then goes on to live out every revenge and power fantasy he's ever had until, slowly, it all gets a bit too real for him to handle.

The book ends with a big twist and not everybody makes it out alive.

ARMOR X was a lot of fun to write. It's my first creator-owned comics work and, because all of the characters are named after people in my life, it's a special little project to me. I like to imagine that in 20 years, I'll look back and read it and it'll be a little time capsule of my life right now. As an added bonus, I like to think I built two new friendships through the production of the book, one with Andy and the other with Stephan (who published it). They're both quality human beings and as easy to work with as they could possibly be.

ARMOR X didn't sell gangbusters but was reviewed pretty strongly. We're doing a volume 2 for next year, a couple of months after the first series is collected into a trade paperback. I've already written bits and pieces of it, random scenes, some of which probably won't even make it into the final book. But it's twisted, in some ways darker, and in its own way should end with as big an impact as the first series.

Keep an eye out if you like this kind of thing.

Back to the drawing board.


antonio said...

beautiful work Keith!!


keith champagne said...

Thanks, Jesus Antonio! Tu el hombre!


antonio said...

HAHAHAHAH I appreciate those words in spanish!!

Have a great day!!


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Gerb said...

Good stuff. I was hoping we'd start seeing more stuff related to your books. It's nice to see someone living the dream, rather than punching the clock at a 9-to-5.