Saturday, January 21, 2006

Welcome to the Island of Sodor

When you have a two year old, one often finds oneself watching programs and buying DVD's that might very well not be to one's own taste, but rather to the tastes of said child.

Which is why, these days, I'm living in the world of Thomas the Tank Engine and his various friends, be they steamie or diesel. My son seems fascinated and, dare I say, enchanted by the adventures of the intrepid Thomas. Over and Over and Over and Over again, they just never seem to get old. To him, anyway.

Gotta say...if I actually lived on the island of Sodor, unless I was suicidal there is no way in Hell I'd ever step foot on a train. First of all, they're all alive which is pretty freaky when you think about it. You've got a mischievous train and a vain train and a creaky old train and don't even get me started on the diesels. Those guys are dicks.

More importantly, it seems to me that taking a train ride around that island is akin to taking one's life into his or her own hands. I've never seen more derailments or landslides or trains crashing into each other or avalanches or pretty much any other dangerous situation, up to and including being pelted by giant dead fish. If you ask me, there should be a federal investigation and good ol' Sir Top'emhat should be replaced by an actual civil engineer with some sort of job competence. His entire public transportation system is on the verge of perpetual collapse.

Get in your cars and drive, good people of Sodor.

Before it's too late.

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