Sunday, February 12, 2006

A quick burst of pimp action

For anyone interested in checking them out, here are links to a couple of things I've been enjoying lately.

Tom Nguyen is a fellow inker and friend of mine. His linework has graced many fine comics, usually in tandem with penciller Doug Mahnke, usually for DC Comics. The lucky little bastard has also inked John Byrne, something I've yet to manuever my way into doing.

Anyway, he's also a talented penciller and has recently begun writing an online column for The Pulse that basically is going to point out all the horrible art in comics and explain why it's bad. It's a ballsy move; it's not considered proper etiquette to rip apart your peers in a public forum but Tom doesn't care. He's lonely, he's desperate for attention, he's got strong opinions about what makes good art, and he's going to share his POV with the world. Here's the link to his column which is called, "I draw the line." It's good stuff and it's only going to get uglier as he goes. Luckily, Tom is a champion bodybuilder so most people with an axe to grind will be afraid to come after him.

Secondly, another friend of mine, the multi-talented Charlie Lagreca, has a podcast centering on independent comics that is getting to be hugely popular. Charlie, or Chimpy as I call him, is a cartoonist (he's published in Disney Adventures every month) and entertainer. His comedy troupe, Minimum Wage, is wildly popular in NYC and they travel almost constantly all over the country performing. At least, I think they do because that's how I rationalize the fact that he never answers his phone when I call.

I've listened to a few of his podcasts (under the nomme du broadcast Chucky Maggregor) with partner Mr. Phil and I love his show. They're well worth the time.

I know cool people.



Brad-Brown said...

Thanks for links...I'll check into them. Hope Tom doesn't make any enemies with his column. I don't know how easy it is to get blacklisted in the comic industry, but that seems like a way to do it.

keith champagne said...

Three pivotal events have helped define who I am in my life today and I'm proud to say that Bruce Leeroy's battle with the Shogun of Harlem was one of them.

You got the glow, Sho Nuff!!