Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Left Handed Sketch

And here's the sketch. Altogether, it took about 8 minutes to rough it out.

I drew it on a piece of copy paper so the next step will be bluelining it in photoshop and printing it out on a sturdier piece of bristol board for inking.

I definitely don't have the fine motor control with my left hand that I do with my right, meaning this is even more loosely drawn than usual. So it seems like I can hit the broad strokes but I don't think I could actually finish this drawing in pencil, not with my left hand. At least not yet.

The akward thing about trying to draw with my opposite hand is approaching the paper from the opposite angle. It takes a little getting used to as everything in my office is configured to a right hand. Even my drawing table lamp casts a shadow on the paper from my hand.

It's a fun little experiment though even though it looks rather crapadelic.

Tune in shortly for the finished inks.



MrNinja said...

This is brilliant stuff Mr. K, both the experiment and also learning more about your actual work and development processes. I'm eager to learn more! Especially given the fact I couldn't do the alphabet legibly in 8 minutes with my right hand.

keith champagne said...

Rob, I guess by fine details, what I mean is I wouldn't be able to render or shade very well with my left hand until I've had a lot more practice. Rough and sketchy is about the best I can do but it's a far cry from those Asian guys in the mall who draw crazy portraits.

Ninja, this is basically an exercise in vanity so I'm glad you find it interesting. And who knows, Chris...you might end up owning the original...