Thursday, October 19, 2006

Halloween sneak peek

Somebody got his costume in the mail today. Yes, as you can tell, this year for Halloween, I've decided to dress up like a rapidly-approaching-middle age father/artist/writer.

Jack? Oh, that's just his casual, everyday, around the house apparel. I'm happy to report that my household is crime free since he rocketed to Earth from a distant, dying planet.


liondormant said...

My first thought was, hey, how'd he get a picture with Superman?!? Dang he's got connections!

Spellbound said...

Sweet costume. Why didn't he wear it to the park? Have you told him the evolution of these mail order has replaced some blue pajamas and underoos worn on the outside, a paper "S" attached with a little duct tape...and a red towel cape...ahh the old days!

MrNinja said...

Cool costume!
Spellbound needs a little refresher about Superman. He WAS wearing the costume at the park, just UNDERNEATH his mild mannered disguise.
(Just as you were wearing your underoos)

Ziomal said...

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