Tuesday, March 20, 2007

BROKEN MASTER: Pages 4 and 5


Batman steps up onto the ledge of the roof, his cape flickering in the wind and rain. His back is turned to The Question so he can keep an eye on Gotham City while they converse.

1- BATMAN (caption): Judomaster.
2- BATMAN (caption): Few have fought so long and hard to make a difference as Ripley Jagger.
3- BATMAN (caption): His back was broken trying to take down BANE. One of MINE.


Closer on Batman; he’s looking over his shoulder back at The Question.

Lightning flashes behind him.

4- BATMAN: You’ve got my attention.


The Question steps up onto the ledge next to Batman. Neither one should look at the other while they speak. Both stare out over the city.

5- THE QUESTION: Slippery up here. You should be careful.
6- BATMAN: Get to the point, Sage.
7- THE QUESTION: A few of us are heading to Nanda Parbat to do what we can for Judomaster. Bronze Tiger. Richard Dragon. Myself.


Close on The Question. Big drops of rain pelt off his mask.

8- THE QUESTION: He asked for YOU, too.


Looking up the exterior of the precinct house at Batman and The Question, standing on the ledge high above ground.

10- BATMAN: I RESPECT Judomaster but…Nanda Parbat is halfway around the world. I’ve spent too much time away from Gotham. Away from my responsibilities here.
11- BATMAN: What does he need ME for when he’s already got the three of you?
12- THE QUESTION: Is that rhetorical or are you showing off your MODEST side?


Batman ignores the Question. He shields his eyes from the rain with a hand and squints out at the city.

13- BATMAN: I hear SIRENS about six blocks NORTH.
14- BATMAN: Make your pitch. I'm needed elsewhere.


The Question turns his head, looks over at Batman.

1- THE QUESTION: To the point it is, then.
2- THE QUESTION: Ripley Jagger asked for YOUR help, same as he asked for OURS. After all he's done to make this world a better place, I think he's earned a little LATITUDE.
3- THE QUESTION: Pull the bat-stick out of your ass and lend a hand.


Close on Batman, stoic, pelted by rain. He's lost in inscrutable thought.



Batman leaps off the roof and out into the night, leaving The Question alone on the precinct roof.

3- BATMAN: I’ll meet you in Nanda Parbat.


Brad-Brown said...

So far so good can't wait for all 22 pages. There was a part of me that was hoping Val Armorr was going to make the 1000 year journey for this battle. What irony to have a Val win with the crane kick. Speaking of comics, I found the fortess of solitude and it's in Mexico( http://www.crystalinks.com/mexicocrystals.html ).

Anonymous said...

That is awesome man, really cool and I can picture everything!

SallyP said...

That was some crackling good dialogue! In the rain no less.

moira said...

page 6-7............?

(not to be pushy, of course.....)