Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Broken Master: Pages 6 and 7

Sorry for the delay in putting these up. Not only am I sometimes a himbo, I also have other things on my plate that steal my tiny attention span away. Plus my main computer refuses to boot up anymore, preferring to taunt me with a bright blue screen and enigmatic words like "physical memory dump." I don't know what that is but it doesn't sound good.

Anyway, here's a couple of more pages of script. I enjoyed writing faithful butler and Jiminy Cricket-like Alfred quite a bit.


Cut to the Bat-cave where Bruce Wayne is standing atop some thick scaffolding, hunched over the cockpit of the Bat-plane, hard at work running through a systems check.

There are a couple of workbenches covered with tools positioned at the base of the scaffolding.

ALFRED approaches. He’s carrying a tray of food: A thick steak, baked potato, and a glass of milk.

1- CAPTION: Later.
2- ALFRED: Master Bruce?
3- BRUCE WAYNE: Almost done, Alfred. The throttle was sticking but I’ve got the kinks worked out.
4- ALFRED: Have you left any time in your last minute preparations to EAT or did this poor cow I cooked lose its life for nothing?


Bruce springs off the scaffolding, flips in midair, and lands next to Alfred.

This is one of those action sequences where we should see a couple of different ghost figures of Bruce in various stages of motion, ending with him landing next to his butler.

5- BRUCE WAYNE (atop the scaffolding): What would I do—
6- BRUCE WAYNE (lands next to Alfred): --without you, old friend?
7- ALFRED: Starve to death, most likely.
8- ALFRED: Will you be eating upstairs in your stately and magnificent DINING ROOM or down HERE, in your dank and humid cave?


Bruce takes the platter of food from Alfred, a wry smile on his face.

9- BRUCE WAYNE: You’d probably have a heart attack if I actually took my meal upstairs.
10- ALFRED: Will you require anything else before I retire, sir?


Bruce, having set the platter of food down on a nearby workbench, begins to eat. Alfred stands nearby.

11- BRUCE WAYNE: Just a talk, perhaps, while I eat.
12- ALFRED: Very good, sir. Shall I try to read your mind or would you rather tell me what’s on it?


Angle on Bruce, pensive.

13- BRUCE WAYNE: Bane.


Bruce takes a slug of milk. Nearby, Alfred begins to dust off a computer console with his handkerchief.

1- BRUCE WAYNE: At one point, I thought we had reached an UNDERSTANDING. I was skeptical he would turn over a new leaf but still…I had HOPE.
2- ALFRED: Never put your trust in a man who almost crippled you, sir. My grandmother always SWORE to that and it’s never failed me yet.


Angle on Bruce. He’s cocking an eyebrow towards Alfred.

3- BRUCE WAYNE: You never joke this much, not unless you’re worried about me.


Angle on Alfred, focused on his dusting.

4- ALFRED: Ridiculous. I’m merely distracting you from the fear that’s doubtlessly clogging your arteries.
5- ALFRED: I’d imagine this sort of situation--where you don’t have the slightest idea what you’re walking into—could be unnerving.


Bruce takes the handkerchief from Alfred’s hand.

6- BRUCE WAYNE: Bane doesn’t get to hurt anybody else. Not if I can help it. It ends with Judomaster and it should never have gone THAT far.
7- BRUCE WAYNE: That MONSTER may have beaten me ONCE but ultimately, he only made me STRONGER. I’ve proved it every time we’ve butted heads since.
8- ALFRED: As you say, sir.


Bruce begins to ascend back up the scaffolding towards the Bat-plane. He’s looking back down at Alfred.

9- BRUCE WAYNE: One last thing, Alfred.
10- BRUCE WAYNE: I’ve got a LONG flight ahead. Would you mind packing me a doggie bag?
11- ALFRED: But of course, sir.


SallyP said...

I LOVE Alfred...he's my favorite Bat character. He also seems to be the only one who can ever talk to Bats/Bruce on an equal level.

Very nice.

reedsolomon.matr1x at said...

Keith you can always use an Ubuntu live CD, pretty handy in an emergency situation for internet stuff. (

A quick google search on "physical memory dump" seems like it might be caused by a video driver.