Monday, August 20, 2007

Arena interview

I was out all day today but when I got home and surfed the net to see what I missed in the world of comics, I noticed that Newsarama had posted the ARENA interview that Vaneta conducted with me last week. Here's the linkage:

I scanned through the interview and comments section and I'm happy with the way it came out. Vaneta always does a great job at making these things seem casual and conversational. The comments section mystifies me, though. It's easy to see why so many comics creators avoid reading Internet opinions. If you guys hate comics so much, or hate the direction that DC is going in so much, stop buying. That's the most effective way to bitch. Arena is much more than anybody is going to expect though, so keep an open mind.


SallyP said...

Well, I thought it was a good and funny interview. I'm looking forward to getting it, because frankly it sounds like a lot of fun.

I LIKE fun. I don't understand some of the nastier comments however. How can you possibly whine about something that you haven't even READ yet?


Jimmy T said...

Some people are a little to invloved in their comic books, don't pay it any mind. You just write and they will buy.

Or they won't have anyting to bitch about.


Brad Brown said...

Don't take it to heart. Everyone's a critic. Unfotunately the ones that have constructive criticism don't usually post. Looking forward to Arena, sounds like a fun read. I took your advice and went over at the Taco Trio blog. You guys are putting out some good stuff over there. I was pretty impressed with some of the art.