Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wonder Woman powers...ACTIVATE!

And here's Andy Kubert's cover to Arena #3, featuring three very determined Wonder Women duking it out.

For those playing along at home, you may notice that I'm posting these covers in reverse order, (not so cleverly) COUNTING DOWN to the cover of #1 on Wednesday the 5th. Because that's how I roll.

It's been a quiet, low pressure week spent writing the third issue of the Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters. I think this is going to be a sleeper book that will surprise a lot of people. Tom Nguyen is knocking it out of the park and with Moose Baumann on colors, it's gonna be pretty. It's good to know that even if I write a lousy book, those boys will save me with their talented ways.

In exciting news, I'm working with Doug Mahnke on my next project for DC! Between Tom and Pat Gleason and now Doug, I'm very lucky to have worked or be working with the trifecta I affectionately call the Minnesota Wrecking Crew. Doesn't get much better!


Brad Brown said...

Another great cover by Mr Kubert. Hmm...yellow, blue, red...I guess the next cover theme would have to be green. Go Hal! I look forward to Dec 5th and seeing where this thing is headed.

Hopefully I'll see you at Gerbapoloozabyebye tomorrow.


PAT said...

dang! the names already taken!

keith champagne said...

I was a fan of the original minnesota wrecking crew, Ole and Gene, from when I used to watch Georgia Championship Wrestling.

But I'm a bigger fan of you guys!

Catch you tonight, Brad!