Thursday, March 13, 2008

Born Standing Up

If your sense of humor has anything in common with mine, then you also believe that Steve Martin is a genius. I'm not talking about Cheaper By The Dozen 2: Electric Boogaloo Steve Martin or even Parenthood Steve Martin, although I love that movie. No, my Internet friends, I'm talking about Banjo playing, King Tut singing, cultural phenomenon stand up comedian Steve Martin.

Which is my way of leading into saying that I really enjoyed Steve Martin's memoir of his early life and development as a stand up comedian, BORN STANDING UP. It's a quick read, interesting, funny and ultimately poignant and if you think Steve Martin is a genius, just like I do, I'm betting you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

As an aside, my personal favorite Steve Martin film is LA Story. What's yours?


Kevin Vinson said...

You are so right my friend! Steve Martin in one of the single best comic minds in the world. LA Story...brilliant!

But, at the top of my list have to be both "The Jerk" (Navin: The cans! He hates these cans!) and "Bowfinger" (Bowfinger: Would you be willing to cut your hair?
Jiff: Well, yeah, but it would probably be better if someone else did it. I've had a few... accidents.)

I mean, come on! That is just comic gold! Only a mind like Steve could come up with something like that!

I'll have to pick up his book for sure. Thanks for turning me on to it.

SallyP said...

Ahh...the King Tut moment was indeed the pinnacle of culture for so many of us.

Jimmy T said...

I hate to admit it but when he came on the scene I did like him. And laughed my butt of in his first film.

It seems ancient now. But he was hysterical, because he was different.

We shared sets on School Ties, We would wait for him to finish shooting and then we stole his locations because we saved money on the permits. He was a nice enough guy.

Jimmy T

PAT said...

Dirty Rotten

...and I know you cant see it but that IS the emperor from Star wars playing the butler.

Ryan Schrodt said...

I'm partial to The Jerk myself. Steve Martin is pure genius and I think that it really showed in that movie more than any of his others.

I saw the book last night and considered picking it up. After this recommendation, I just might!

keith champagne said...

Pat, I love Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, great choice! I was a projectionist in a theater growing up and I watched that movie a hundred times, Ruprecht the Monkey Boy was pure gold.

Kevin, I'm also a big fan of Bowfinger. The scene at the end where Bowfinger finally gets his validation when the Fed Ex Man arrives...I was touched!

And The Jerk is a classic.

Thomastopher said...

Bowfinger is a movie that makes me laugh insanely hard every time I see it!

The Jerk is classic and I still get a kick out of 'Planes,Trains and automobiles' - "Those aren't pillows."

good times!

Brad Brown said...

Hmm...choosing a favorite Steve Martin movie is a tough one. I would go with Dead Man Don't Wear Plaid, or the Man with Two Brains.

I didn't realize that you had been a projectionist. What's the one or two films you can never watch again as a result?