Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Dear Mom...

Dear Mom,

It's hard to believe that you turned 60 today. Where does the time go? I remember Kenny, Kyle, and I singing happy birthday to you on your 30th, then digging in to a cake that I'm pretty sure you baked yourself, just to make sure your boys had some delicious cake that night more than making it to celebrate your own birthday, I'm sure.

That's the way you've always been, Mom, always putting the three of us first. So today, on your big day (which per your wishes we're celebrating in the most low key, no fuss, no muss way as possible), I want to tell you something important.

Thank you.

For everything.

From the dinners you now make for us every Tuesday night to the way you taught me to draw when I was little. For buying me comic books when they were still a quarter a piece. For calling me every third day while I lived in New Jersey to make sure I never needed anything. For posting on my blog last week that you liked my Joker drawing. You're always right there, making me smile, letting me know in a thousand subtle ways how loved I am.

You never ask for anything for yourself but you're always the first to give. A pitbull of love for your three sons, if I ever got mugged in a dark alley, I'd want you at my back, kicking ass and taking names.


Thank you for being my role model, an example of unselfish, unconditional love. I try to follow that example every day with Jack. You make me a better parent just through the fact that you've always been such a great parent yourself.

I'm lucky to have you.

Happy birthday, mom. I love you.



SallyP said...

I...I think I have something in my eye!


robskiles said...

Mrs. Champagne,

Happy Birthday! Thank you for always making me feel very welcome. I will always remember your beauty,casual elegance and sense of humor. I hope today is very special.