Sunday, August 03, 2008

Two Birds With One Stone

I noticed on the comicbloc message boards that there was a thread about what questions/topics readers wish had been addressed at the DC panels in San Diego last weekend. Since a couple of them concern me, I instantly had the idea I would steal the topic and give myself something to blog about over here. So thanks to "oddballUK," the one who started the thread.

The first question/statement was:

Keith Champagne has mentioned on his blog an upcoming DC project with Doug Mahnke that has yet to be announced.

Yeah, tell me about it! This project is completely written and, to date, Doug has drawn about a third of it. The work he's done so far has been absolutely STUNNING, the best of his career. The problem here is that Doug was needed more urgently for a couple of Final Crisis books and he's then been booked onto some Green Lantern stuff. The hope is when those obligations are finished, he'll have the time to finish our project. It's going to eventually be published in the prestige format, it's related to Gotham City, and even if I wrote a shitty book, Doug's art will make it well worth the wait.

And although this next one doesn't seem to be related to me, it actually very much is...

I was hoping for more info on Peter Tomasi's creator owned book for DC and something more concrete on the fate of the Nightwing book post-#150.

I can't speak for the fate of Nightwing post-150 but that ol' grizzly bear Tomasi has already named the creator-owned book in interviews. It's called THE MIGHTY. It's a twelve-issue series, not set in the DCU, co-created, co-written, (and co-owned) by Peter and myself, which is why I feel comfortable covering it here. Tomasi and I have written a few things together outside of comics, this is our first time doing it for DC. Peter Snejberg is about halfway done with the art for the fourth issue at this point and that's all I should say for now.

Over and out!


Brad Brown said...

News galore! Looks Like I'm going to buy a long box for comics alone. Also according to Outlook today is your birthday. So happy birthday, we'll talk soon.


dellllllllllllllll said...

Gotham City? and prestige format? Awesome..but is it a 'Year One' type of book?

Dan said...

Wow! Thanks for answering my questions Keith.

I'm really looking forward to both of those projects, The Mighty especially.

You're also a great writer Keith so i'm sure the Gotham project will be great with or without Doug on art!

Cheers mate
Dan (oddballuk)

PAT said...

I cant wait for the Mighty, It will be awesome I am sure.
As for you and Dougs book, I'm so relieved that I already know what it is. AND have seen the awesomeness that is "Project CHAMAHNKE."

moira said...

So this means that when you and Doug and Peter are together in Minnesota on the first weekend in Oct. you'll probably chat about this where others can listen in, right?