Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Some Fallcon pics

A couple of pics from the wilds of Fallcon...

Myself and Lewis (in his signature hat) in the one pic ever where a little red eye actually works pretty well, and Alisha and Raeanne, two of my biggest fans.

They actually parked outside at midnight the night before the show and slept in their car to make sure they were first in line at my table when the convention started. Just to mess with them, I refused to sign any of the books they brought, claiming I had severe carpal tunnel and couldn't hold a pen. Alisha actually started to cry! I couldn't help but laugh. To make it up to them, I agreed to let them get their picture with me. You would have thought they died and went to Heaven.

True story, scout's honor!


Lewis Lovhaug said...

Suuuuure, Keith. Suuuuure. ^_~

My own FallCon report:

Unknown said...

Sooo...How much did you pay them?

PAT said...

Im just mad that you didn't talk to me the whole time you were here.
oh wait, you couldn't.
well it was still good to hang with you again!

dallas said...

Keith forgot to mention that some other people slept in their cars to see him, but since I wasn't of the female persuasion, he didn't feel like mentioning it. Actually in retrospect, it just sounds creepy. hehehe thanks for the Superboy pages Keith, always great to see you, best, tom (my secret identity)

BAD said...

Those girls are hot! I was actually looking for Champagne but came across this site instead because of its domain name - oh well - looking at two hot girls is also good! Lol!