Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Mighty #7

Such a busy week, I forgot to pop over here to the blog and alert the world that THE MIGHTY #7 is now in better comic book stores across the nation. So get out there and add it to your personal collection, it's what all the cool kids are doing this summer.

I turned 39 a few days ago and had a random thought. According to life insurance actuarial tables, my life is well over half over. Statistically speaking, most men die in their 60's. Women live a bit longer on average, can't imagine why that would be...

Anyway, it's strange to think that possibly over half my time on this ball of mud has passed. I still feel like I'm barely getting started in so many ways. Guess I better buckle down and start living and working myself a little harder while I still can.

Back to The Mighty, if you're inclined to comment on #7, I'm interested in hearing where people think the story is headed. No one is really sure what Alpha-One is up to but he's proven to be devious. But is he devious for the right reasons (if there is such a thing)? Is he doing wrong for the greater good? Let me know what you think.

In other news, I'll be resuming a more frequent blogging schedule come September. Wasn't too long ago that I used to post a couple of times a week. There's quite a bit going on behind the scenes and I should be able to start talking a bit more about it soon.


Jason Folkes said...

The Mighty is the best bang for my comic dollars these days(with the economy the way it is i have really tried to cut back on my comic purchases).Really loving the whole thing.Writing is awesome...the art is jaw-dropping...even the colorist kicks-ass.
This is becoming one of my favorite comics out today! I think Alpha one is one evil dude but i am really digging the conspiracy.
Keep up the Great work sir!!!

Keith Champagne and Tom Nguyen said...

I like the cut of your jib, Mr. Folkes! Thanks for reading The Mighty!

jgriffin said...

ya, its good to stay busy but we should not allow it to transgress our personal life.I think you are becoming quite nostalgic and at the same time you could not give up your mundane activities.I also got to know that The Mighty#7 is selling like hot cakes everywhere and already become one of the favorite comic of every child.I also look forward to buy one and go through it to find how interesting is it.I will read this comic with a Cohiba cigar to enjoy myself to the fullest.

Gjskier (Kal) said...

Hey Keith! Totally off topic here, there is a page from Supergirl #34 that I am interested in, I'm curious if you were selling pages from that issue or not.

Please hit back, thanks.