Friday, December 02, 2005

JSA #80 preview

Well, it's almost that time again so here's the solicitation copy for JSA #80, shipping on December 7th. Instead of pasting in the Alex Ross cover, I scanned in page two from the issue. It doesn't spoil anything so I hope I don't get yelled at for doing so.

Written by Keith Champagne
Art by Don Kramer and Champagne

The final battle between Mordru and Dr. Fate rages to its shocking conclusion through the worlds of Kingdom Come and JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE NAIL! Plus, the Thunderbolt vs. Jakeem to decide the ultimate fate of the Fifth Dimension! After this issue, two members of the JSA will never be seen again!

There's been a lot of speculation and some interesting theories as to which two members of the cast aren't getting out alive. Every character is somebody's favorite so apologies in advance to whoever liked these two the most.

If I was going to pretend to be psychic, I would predict that the comment I will most stumble across in reviews for this issue is that it feels like I crammed a four-part story into three parts. I don't think another whole issue was needed (although I wouldn't have complained at the extra paycheck) but I definitely could have used five more pages of story to open things up visually for Don Kramer and include some character beats that were left on the cutting room floor. Ultimately, though...I'm happy with this issue and the story arc in general. Like I wrote last month, it's not going to cure cancer but I think it's a good, solid funny book.

As most people know, this is my last issue of JSA in any capacity and the book moves into new and exciting hands in the coming months. Going out with this issue is about as good a swan song as one can get, I think. I'll miss this group of characters.

Hope everyone enjoys reading the damn thing half as much as I did writing it. The pleasure was all mine.

Thanks for reading,


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the preview page and for doing such a terrific job on the title. I'm sure #80 will be just as great as the last two. This story really showed us that you have what it takes to be such an amazing writer and I hope that you get a lot more chances at it! I REALLY hope that you and Don work together again because he's such a wonderful artist and it works well with your talents.

Following Geoff Johns must have felt a little strange but in no way at all did you let anything slip and I really think that you held your own!

I will be sure to follow where you and Don go next, glad to have you on Firestorm, I just hope that you can write again soon!


antonio said...

I am sure that better and bigger things are ahead for you Dear Keith!!


Anonymous said...

Keith, I have just read issue #80 and it was excellent! Great 3 part story, thanks!