Wednesday, November 30, 2005


In regards to my post last week, I didn't get a ton of questions asked so I figured I'd wait a few extra days to see if anything else trickled in. I figure it's safe by now to post my answers, I can't foresee any last minute urgent queries flooding in.

Someone named Tom asked who my favorite penciller I've worked with is, as well as my favorite book I've worked on. Pretty generic, safe comic question there. Thanks for playing, Tom.

I had a run on Superboy with Pascual Ferry that I enjoyed quite a bit, I felt our styles meshed pretty well. He's since gone on to superstardom at Marvel as I continue to toil in the trenches. But he's been my favorite so far. As far as favorite books go, I have a soft spot for Aztek: The Ultimate Man and Young Heroes in Love. I thought they were both different and interesting, although neither lived too long a life. As an aside, Dev "Dirty D" Madan, the penciller of YHIL, remains a good friend to this day. I like to think I'm Sammy to his Sinatra. Or maybe I'm Joey Bishop.

Mr. Chris Falloutboy, esq. asked a few posts ago if I listen to music while I work.

The thrilling answer is...YES! Sometimes I do, other times I listen to DVD commentaries and things like that in the background while inking. When writing, I need either silence or very soft, non distractive music because I find that writing requires more concentration than inking. The bulk of mental problem solving when inking a page occurs in the first few minutes of staring at it. The rest is just bringing those solutions to fruition without spilling the ink.

Someone else named Chris asked me if I'm really, as often stated in interviews, the best looking man in comics.

The answer is ABSO-FRICKIN-LUTELY! I look like a cross between Brad Pitt and a retarded monkey which, in comics, can take a fellow quite far. By the way, scare me.

An aspiring artist named Sherman wanted to know how I got into comics and if he can send me some samples.

Well, Sherman...obviously being so ridiculously handsome and sleeping my way to the middle certainly helped. Aside from that, I went to the Kubert School, worked hard and sucked up to Andy Kubert. He passed my samples to Bob Harras at Marvel and the rest of my glorious career has unfolded from there. Tom Mandrake and Ken Branch also helped me quite a bit by giving me background inking work and showing me some ropes before that.

You can send me some samples if I can post my critique here. Up to you, brother.

Three people asked if I either do commissions or if I could do them a sketch and send it to them. The answer is no. I really, really, swear to God just don't have the free time although I do sketch at conventions just like everyone else. But really...go get a Jim Lee or someone cool. Don't waste your time with me.

And that's a wrap, folks. Like I said, not too many questions to answer which, in its own way, is a blessing. I don't have anything that interesting to say.

Thanks to Jesus Antonio for Sergio Toppi's name and the link he sent me. That guy is awesome!

Thanks for reading,


Anonymous said...

Heh, thanks Keith! Also, I will have more questions soon! lol.

GRODZ! said...

Dude...As an Inker myself I think your stuff is cool...But Whats up with all the Dudes...Keep up the good work. Respect


antonio said...

You have nothing to thank Dear Keith...hey btw when you have some free time send me a mail off..could you?
Great day!!


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