Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Basic Instinct 2: Electric Boogaloo

I watched the online teaser/preview for Basic Instinct 2 this afternoon and I've gotta say...there's nothing subtle about the marketing plan for this one. They should have just called it "Sharon Stone's Softcore Porn extravaganza."

I was surprised to see so much naked Sharon Stone in the preview because, normally, there's not much full frontal going on in teaser trailers. I would guess there's not much story to be found in the film and they're trying to hide that fact behind 50 year old fake tits.

And I think that's where the movie is going to have a problem or two. Sharon Stone is in great shape for her age but let's face it: She's pushing 50. Personally, if I see her running around naked in a movie now, my first reaction isn't to crane my neck and check her out. The first thought that pops in my head is "There's something you don't see everyday: A naked 50 year old crotch shot."

It sort of loses something but then again, watch the movie be brilliant and win all sorts of awards next year. That'll show how much I know.

The really sad thing is I'll probably buy a ticket just to see what kind of train wreck the movie is.


Brad-Brown said...

I too have seen the trailer and must disagree with you...those tits are no more than three or four years old. Shame about Sharon though, she was starting to get a little more respect as an actress (eg Casino, Broken flowers, etc). Hopefully this movie won't be the final nail in the ole acting coffin. The worst part of it really is that it looks like a direct to video knockoff of Basic Instinct. Really what story is left to get people excited about?

Mister Phil said...

You should have spent that royalty check on some fake tits!
see previous post!