Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Dream analysis please

Now only partially remembered, it was a strange dream nonetheless.

I was in Japan, a member of an elite task force designed to fight to their deaths against...something. I can't remember what anymore but I know they were bad. And deadly. And they probably didn't smell so good either.

There was a drill sergeant attached to my group, a cantankerous old Clint Eastwood type except he had no eyes or, if he did, he kept them closed so tight that they might have fused shut. Every word out of his mouth was barked in stereotypical R. Lee Ermey, Full Metal Jacket style.

He and I, we didn't get along.

While the rest of the squad was out doing cool, elite task force stuff, I was confined to a small, cramped Japanese apartment and forced to engage my drill sergeant in a philosophical debate about life and violence and even love. I can't remember our verbal exchanges word for word but I was surprised at how smart and perceptive he was, in spite of his R. Lee Ermey exterior.

When the task force was finished task forcing for the day, they all returned to the apartment to take a load off and treat their wounds etc. Once they returned, I was ordered by my drill sergeant to leave. When I refused, he grabbed my collar and pushed me out the door.

I remember asking what was going on and why I had to leave.

His response? "Get out of here so we can watch the Soprano's."

Make of that what you will.


antonio said...
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antonio said...

Hey Keith Do you really want the analysis?
I can send my thoughts!!

Have a great day buddie and If I were you when you have some time take some vacation!!! that is what the dreams tries to say :).
You are a little stressed out in two fronts pal!!


MrNinja said...

Some say the best way to invoke the true meaning form your dreams is through shadow puppetry.
A concious medium through which your unconcious may be given voice.
I would try that. Reannact your dream through the shadow world, the world of the spirit, and of the ninja...
Remember, only you can interpret your dreams. And also prevent forest fires.