Thursday, March 16, 2006

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I'm going to try to do something a little different here over the next few weeks and post up some original work in a serialized form on the mighty blog.

My friend Dev and I, over the last couple of years, have produced a few short comic stories just for the fun of it. They're written by me with all the art and lettering (and sometimes gray tones) being done by Dev. Like I said, we do these off and on for fun. It's not commissioned work, it's not published work. It's just two friends who love comics being goofy.

The leading man of all of our little comics is Frankenstein. But for whatever reason (and I don't think either of us remember why anymore), Frankenstein is a private detective in these stories. He lives in a city called Monster Town, nursing a heart that was shattered when Bride of Frankenstein left him for the Wolf Man, and shambles around falling into adventures with other famous fictional characters. It's a strange little recipe for a comic but we like it--even if it doesn't always make a ton of sense.

At the moment, we're finishing up a new 12-page story, our personal Watchmen of Frankenstein stories. I should be writing the last two pages of that right now instead of sitting here blogging. Anyway, I think next week I'll start to serialize this new story and maybe post a new page every few days or so. Collect 'em all, kids!

Speaking of, after this one, we're going to produce an 8-pager and collect all the Frankenstein stories into one self-published comic. It'll be something cool to sell or give away at conventions and it'll be fun to have everything printed up in one book.

So if that sounds like your cup of tea, check back soon. And tell a friend!

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