Tuesday, May 02, 2006


This Saturday is the third or fourth annual Free Comic Book Day, I've lost track of how many there have been so far. I'll be appearing from 12:30-3:00 at Sarge's Comics in New London to support the cause. If you're in the area, come on down and pick up some free comics. If you happen to be a friend of mine, you can buy me lunch afterwards.

No matter where you live, if you have a comic shop in your town, stop in on Saturday. FCBD is a nationwide event. While you may see many people dressed as Stormtroopers, don't let that deter you. FCBD is a big day for the closet Stormtroopers; it's their chance to wear that insanely expensive armor and let their geek flags fly high. So don't throw things at them, just join the celebration.

BTW, thanks to Chris for the help w/ the links. I followed those instructions to the letter but my links haven't appeared. So here's a few websites I enjoy if anyone wants to check them out:


Take care, thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

Sorry that didn't work Keith. Here is an example:Delete the google news stuff, and add the new address in, keeping in between the other text and the "...dccomics.com ", after the address in between the >DC comics<, just write what you want it to say as the link. I had to put spaces on the example below of it wouldn't let me post. Hope that helps a little?

< l i > < a href="http://www.dccomics.com/">DC Comics< /a > < / l i >

Anonymous said...

So it should look like this but without any spaces:

< l i > < a href="http://www.sherdog.com/">Sherdog< / a > < / l i >

Anonymous said...

(Then hit save template)

Back to the topic. My store may have a free comic book day, although they never inform me because they are the worst customer carers around lol. It's the closet store to me though so I have to make do! In the UK no one will dress up though! We're missing out on something there huH!

MrNinja said...

As a ninja, I may arrvie as a storm trooper, or even a person dressed as storm trooper. I may even be disguised as one of your favorite links, but proboably not www.ninjadisguisedasalink.com.

malinda said...

Wow. Nice pimpage there Keith. :)

robskiles said...

Brother. I'm in Miami so I can't buy you lunch. how about Mon or Tues? After that I'm back to NYC.

Dude you have one heck of a following. Not sure why I don't just email you. I think it's because it makes me feel cool.

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Alex Warn said...

It's the closet store to me though so I have to make New Trends do! In the UK no one will dress up though!