Thursday, March 29, 2007

Happy Birthday to Wags The Dog.

In about another 45 minutes, it will become March 30th.

Three years ago, at 5:03 in the morning on March 30th, my very best friend and favorite person in the entire world was born.

Happy birthday to my dear son, Jack, AKA Wags The Dog, AKA The Woofie Machine, AKA Scoots or Big Boy or any of another half a dozen nicknames.

Over the past year, Jack has reminded me how much I've forgotten about life. Simple things like:

Why walk when you can run?
Why run when you can jump?
Why jump when you can climb?
Why climb? Why not?

The sky is really, really blue and at night, it's full of stars.

Snow is much more fun than I give it credit for.

Cardboard boxes make the best toys of all.

Most importantly, there's nothing I love more in this world than being his daddy and no one I love more than my little boy.

Happy birthday, Wags!! Daddy loves you.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!! And it was really nice reading your post...and well i'd like you to visit my blog on Birthday Celebrations sometime and check out all the resources and goodies i've posted there to make the day even more special!!!

Linda Ringwood said...

happy Birthday wags...may gold bless u and give u the best of life and success in everything..have a good day :)

SallyP said...

It's true. Big boxes DO make fabulous toys. So a big Happy Birthday.

Jamal Igle said...

Hapy Birthday, Wags!