Monday, April 02, 2007

Interview time

With World War III fast approaching, I've been doing the almost requisite interview rounds again.

Vaneta Rogers does her usual nice job over at Newsarama and I've learned she does not suffer fools who do not include her byline. So here's the link:

And here's an interview on Wizard about Book II, conducted by Brian Marmoth, mostly concerning Aquaman. He does whatever a fish can plus more, you know.

Back shortly with more Batman pages.

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robskiles said...

As you know, I know nothing about comics. I was facinated by the complexity of the questions and answers from these interviews. I looked up Black Adam on line and Wikepedia offered a synopsis.

The complexity of pulling together a story like this is impressive. It appears that you are tying together years and years of developing characters who have evolved in many different ways. It's got me interested in reading the books. Can I just read this series or do I need to know more in order to enjoy it?

It all looks very impressive. Good Luck!