Friday, May 18, 2007


It's probably a good time to mention that I'll be appearing this Sunday the 20th at GraniteCon in downtown Manchester, New Hampshire.

I don't know much about GraniteCon, except that there must be something wrong with them if they actually want me to guest there. But from the hours of 10:00-4:00, I'll be appearing w/ Pat Gleason at the Radisson Center on Elm Street. I'll have artwork and trade paperbacks for sale and will be signing and sketching and generally trying to leave a good impression of myself. I'm toying with the idea of inking commissions while I'm there but it seems like a pain in the ass to lug my inking tools around. So I haven't decided on that yet.

Ron Frenz, an artist whom I admire from his work on Spider-Man and Thor during my impressionable teen years, is also appearing and I'm looking forward to meeting him.

If you're relatively close to the area, by all means pop in and say hi.


SallyP said...

Hey, I've BEEN to that Radisson. It's nice, and they validate your parking.

Hope that you have fun.

Jimmy T said...

Hi Keith,

It happens I will be at a friends who lives in Manchester this sunday so I will be stopping by.

We were playing a club in Dover.

Jimmy T

Jimmy T said...

Hi Keith, great seeing you in NH. You can e-mail me at I check that all the time.


Anonymous said...

Dude, one day I neeeeeed to make it to a convention! Maybe then I can pick up my signed JSA issues! ;P