Tuesday, May 01, 2007


First off, here's something that made me laugh. If you do a search on Youtube for Burger boys, you'll find a bunch of these. Chances are, if this makes you laugh, the rest will too.


I had a couple of day trips last week, one to my old stomping grounds at The Joe Kubert School in New Jersey, the other a couple of days later to the DC offices to meet about a new project. I had a lot of fun meeting with the students at the Kubert School as well as catching up with some old classmates and teachers. I have a lot of affection for the school and think fondly of that time in my life where, for three years I was completely dedicated to learning how to create comic books.

I'll be doing a little more travelling than usual over the next couple of months, appearing at GraniteCon in New Hampshire later this month, then down to Knoxville, Tennessee the first weekend of June for the very first Adventure Con. Then it's a family vacation at Disney in the middle of June, followed by the big San Diego convention at the end of July. I'm pretty much a homebody so for me, this is quite a busy schedule. I'll post links to the actual conventions a little closer to the dates of the shows.

Spidey 3 this weekend!


Batman Patrol said...

Whatever happened to the rest of the gang?

- From that bearded fat guy that wore a stupid batman beret, back in 1992.

Unknown said...

Woo! San Diego!