Monday, July 16, 2007

October Solicits...

DC released their solicitations for October today. I figure I should get in the habit of highlighting things that I've done for any given month when they're solicited--because this is my blog and it's mostly all about my silly little career in comics. So, here goes.

First up, is...


Written by Keith Champagne
Art by Jason Pearson and Derec Donovan
Cover by Pearson
A special issue tying into next month’s Batman event, “THE RESURRECTION OF RA’S AL GHUL”! Fan-favorite artist Jason Pearson illustrates “The Festival of Angry Ghosts,” featuring Damian. Plus, in "The Great Pumpkin," Robin races the clock to solve a series of Halloween-themed murders so grotesque, they leave even the most jaded detectives in Gotham shocked. Plus, a special “Times Past” story focusing on Dick Grayson's first Halloween as Robin.On sale October 31 • 48 pg, FC, $3.99 US

Then, there's...

Written by Keith Champagne and John Ostrander
Art by various
Cover by Ethan Van Sciver
Collecting the 4-issue miniseries WORLD WAR III! Chaos has broken out across the globe, and the grim reality leads to the loss of a Teen Titan. The fate of Aquaman is revealed, a hero is reborn, and the DC Universe bands together against the wrath of an ancient evil! Advance-solicited; on sale November 7 • 128 pg, FC, $17.99 US

And, while it's listed incorrectly in the credits, the Pat Gleason cover I mentioned inking a couple of weeks ago is for Robin #167. I'll probably post up a copy of that on the Tacotrio blog.

There's actually a really long story behind the story for the Robin annual which I'll probably tell either in an interview or on the blog as it gets closer to publication. I'm happy to say that, although I've kept busy writing, the annual will be the first thing I've written that's due to be published since World War III shipped in April. That's kind of a long time to be gone from the stands so I'm happy there's an end in sight for the drought.

I'm excited to have WWIII collected. Talk about long stories behind the stories, that was about as twisted and hectic a process as they come and I'm very proud of that project.

Unless something I've done is reprinted for November, I actually don't think I'll have anything solicited, either as inker or writer. I'm not sure about this but I think that might literally be the first month in almost ten years that my name hasn't been attached to something. What a crazy, Cal Ripken-like streak.

I'm happy to say that DC's December solicits will contain not one, not two, not three, but FOUR books I've written shipping that month. I believe it will all be announced in San Diego next week so I'll have more details soon.

Take care, thanks for reading.


moira said...

So looking forward to the Robin annual. And It would be great if one of those December books turns out to be the Robin monthly?!

And more GLC?

And that Batman story?

Oh hey, whatever you are writing, I'll be reading.

Anonymous said...

Really looking forward to the Robin An!

keith champagne said...

Thanks, Chris. Hope you enjoy it.

And sorry, Moira, but I'm not writing the Robin monthly. That was the plan at one time...but things changed after Tomasi left DC.

When you learn who the new Robin writer is, I don't think you'll be sad.

SallyP said...

Well, you have been a busy boy lately. The Robin Annual looks great. I am looking forward to December!

moira said...

Well, OK. It just seemed to make such good sense.

And the Annual plus Four! in December; Still Excellent.

Anonymous said...

Will do man! It'll have the Champagne magic. ;)