Friday, September 14, 2007


The voting website for COUNTDOWN: ARENA went live this afternoon and I wanted to throw the link out there for anyone that might not be aware.

I have to admit, I'm absolutely tickled by the existence of the website. It looks cool, it's easy to use, and my name is splashed (well, scrawled at least) on the front page.

While it may be a conflict of interest, I went and voted tonight. My choices will remain my own but there are definite versions I would hope to see win. I will say that Christopher Kent, the bald futuristic Superman is my favorite man of steel. Not too many times in life does someone get to create a brand new Superman, after all, and he's all mine.

So get out there, have some fun, and pick your favorites!


Dan said...

Cool! I have voted already. Is this just the first round of voting with others and other character face offs to come?

keith champagne said...

Dan, these four fights will be the only ones to be voted on, sorry. But the good news is, you can vote for them as many times as you want!

I think the logic was the people would be more invested in voting for the big four fights, and not be as interested in 'smaller' characters like Nightshade or Blue Beetle.

Dan said...

That's cool! The Batman face-off is particularly cool and difficult to choose from as I love all three versions!

Thanks for taking the time to reply Keith. It's going to be a great Christmas this year!