Friday, October 12, 2007

More Hamster-speak

An interview I did a month or so ago to promote the Hamsters has popped up online over at Comic Book Resources. As always, the linkage:

Not only does it feature the colored cover to #1 (by the mighty Moose himself), it also shows Mike Oeming's alternate cover to the first issue. Also the first glimpse at the four reimagined original hamsters, Bruce, Chuck, Jackie, and Clint.

If radioactive, furry, anthropomorphic characters are your cup of tea (and if they're not, what's wrong with you?), check it out.

In other news, keep an eye out for a weekly (or biweekly) behind-the-scenes production column I'll be writing to lead up to the Hamsters relaunch in January. You won't have to look far, I'm sure I'll post a link to the first one here.

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