Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Keith recommends...

While my subconscious works to solve a story problem, the front of my mind has decided to update the blog. In this way, I can avoid work for a few minutes while still feeling somewhat productive.

In the comments of one of the previous posts a few pages down, I think it was DANIEL (sorry if I'm wrong) who mentioned that he likes hearing what those of us in the comics field enjoy reading. So, in a bold departure from always talking about myself, I wanted to recommend a new book from Vertigo called NORTHLANDERS. I read the first issue from my comps the other day and thought it was a really solid debut issue.

First issues are hard. Usually, they bear the brunt of carrying a lot of exposition and setting up the story that the following issues are going to tell. But the writer (I'm pretty sure his name was Brian Wood but I don't have the book in front of me) made it look effortless. The last time I was knocked off my feet by a first issue was with Fables #1 which, until I stopped reading it about twenty issues later, still remained the best of the bunch to me.

However, Northlanders has VIKINGS and vikings are cool. The art was really great too although the artist's name was Italian and there's no way I can remember it off the top of my head. It's a great looking book that hooked me off the bat.

That's probably the worst, most disrespectful recommendation of all time, seeing as I can't remember the creator's names. But don't hold it against me, just take my word that the book is more than worth your time. I'm looking forward to the second issue and to getting everyone's name straight in my poor, addled brain.

In other news, Lewis, if you're still reading my blog post-Arena, I finally checked out your online comic. I'll be honest w/ you: Some of it I liked, some of it left me cold but what I enjoyed the most about it is that you're clearly growing and learning as you go and it's obvious that you're having a good time with your hobby/work. Keep it up! Just don't steal my job in a few years, man!

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Lewis Lovhaug said...

Haven't checked back as much as I should have, but just saw this. ^_^ Thanks, Keith - that's a normal reaction to the comic. I'd like to think I'm improving (if not in terms of art, than at least in understanding how comic writing is done). I can tell you that I've gotten into an anthology with a script I wrote, so hopefully that's indicative of SOME improvement.

Still, thanks for the kind words and for taking the time to check it out! I'll keep my eyes out for more stuff from you in the future!