Monday, February 25, 2008

World's greatest

Turns out my new project wasn't announced at Wondercon after all, although I had it on good authority it was going to be. I even did an interview for Newsarama in advance so they'd have something to run with once they could.


I will say that I'm working with Doug Mahnke on this project and, based on the pages I've seen so far, he's pretty much the greatest artist I've worked with, no bullshit, and definitely the perfect guy for this series. And I don't mean any disrespect to any of the amazing talents I've been lucky enough to work with, guys like Ordway and Byrne and Gleason and Pearson and Leonardi, I've worked with an all-star team of greats. Doug's pages took my breath away with their sheer awesomeness.

In a bit of other news, I've returned to the trenches as an inker for the next few weeks, doing an issue of Countdown with my main man, Jamal Igle. When I'm asked to ink Jamal, I say YES. It's one of my rules in life, it's always a pleasure to work over his beautiful pencils. I'm a little rusty, haven't inked a page in a few months now but I'm shaking off the cobwebs and enjoying myself. Jamal and I did an issue of 52 together and I'm glad we'll also have an issue of Countdown under our belts. And be sure to pick up his Tangent project, dammit!

That's all for now, over an out!

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Elayne said...

Robin's having a ball inking Jamal on their Tangent maxi-series. He's not only a terrific penciller but a swell guy!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent! I read your Flash issue today and thought it was very good. You really wrote a nice family life amongst the Wests. On the art side of things, I thought it was pretty cool, except a few overkill expressions on Wally's face lol.

SallyP said...

Well, I'm sorry that they didn't announce your new project. I am quite intrigued. Teaming up with Doug Mahnke can only be a GOOD thing!

ANMPH said...

That is totally exciting. Doug is incredible. I absolutely love his work and can not wait to see what you will be doing together. I will buy all of it no matter what.

Thanks for the cool news. I was wondering what Doug was on.

Khaver Siddiqi said...

Doug is an underrated artist. Looking forward to this one.

Ryan Schrodt said...

Keith + Doug = Happy Me.

I look forward to the announcement on this and then gushing over the finished product!

Dan said...

Hey dude, looking forward to hearing what your new project will be.

Any chance it will be the Joker's Asylum event that DCs got cooking up?