Monday, May 19, 2008


Out of curiosity, has anyone in my little circle of blogness been able to find/read Black Belt Hamsters #3? Due to the low print run--er, I mean the scarce, instant collectors item nature of the series, I haven't run across any feedback on the third issue which came out, I believe, a couple of weeks ago.


Homesick At Space Camp said...

Hey Keith! I haven't seen any of these issues around here yet so I'll have to hit london sometime and see if they got any in, sounds like something I don't usually buy into, but I'll give em a shot as it's you lol.

Hope all is well!


Homesick At Space Camp said...

Oh, and I have another short story up if you fancy a quick read ;0

Jamal Igle said...

I bought a copy, it was hard to find unfortunately.

TheRealMcCaw said...

I found a copy this week, and thought it was a pretty strong issue. I laughed, I feared chupacabra rape on the prairie.

I know that the store I go to has been recommending it, but I fear mainly because the owner has a bit of a hamster fetish.

keith champagne said...

Senor Loco, if the owner has a hamster fetish, he should definitely relate to #4!

Chris, I'll check out your new story when I get a chance.

And thanks, Jamal! I would just give you a copy, you know...

Don C said...

Hey Keith!

It's a shame that people are having a tough time finding the book. You and Tom are just hitting your stride with #3 and #4, which I just read the lettered proof of, is a hoot!

ARBBH is a true alternative...please support it!


Don Chin