Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rescue Me

Wow. It's been so long, I almost don't know what to blog about. So while I figure out which of many weighty topics to expound upon, feel free to chew on this.

For a brief moment in time last year, there was almost a sequel to ARENA. Almost meaning I had an idea for a fifth chapter, Mike Siglain and I both wanted to do it but...the rest of DC didn't seem to notice. The ending to #4 would have needed some shifting to open things up for the epilogue but aside from that, the story would have stayed as is and lead into...


A 38-page COUNTDOWN: ARENA sequel


Wonder Woman (New Frontier). Batman (Gotham By Gaslight). Apollo. Jay Garrick. Green Lantern (Earth-32). Lia Nelson (Tangent).

Six heroes left behind in the aftermath of COUNTDOWN: ARENA. Six survivors held helplessly in reserve by MONARCH, a second wave to bolster the despot’s army should the unthinkable occur and his war against the MONITORS go awry.

Of all the participants, only the SUPERMAN of Earth-31 (The Dark Knight Returns), aided by BREACH and using the dimensional harness designed by TED KORD, survived the confines of The Arena and escaped from Monarch’s steely grasp.

Reluctantly, the Man Of Steel was transported away with Breach’s enigmatic words still ringing in his ears. “The harness is fully charged. It will take you where you need to go.”

Now, Superman is coming back, determined to free the remaining survivors and, in the process, throw a wrench into Monarch’s plans.

But thanks to Breach, The Man Of Steel isn’t coming back alone. Unknown to Monarch, Superman was transported to a world where he could find help with his task. Help in the form of a man equally determined to locate the survivors; a lethal, leather-clad killing machine with an agenda of his own: THE MIDNIGHTER, angrily searching for Apollo from the moment his lover first disappeared.

Set against the backdrop of Monarch’s campaign against The Monitors, the twisted “WORLD’S FINEST” team of Superman and The Midnighter enact a war of their own. With the Multiverse burning around them, the mismatched duo infiltrates deep into Monarch’s territory, overcoming THE EXTREMISTS, and finding themselves, ironically, facing off against the same six brave souls they set out to free; all while struggling to find common ground between their wildly divergent methods, morals, and personalities


Brad Brown said...

I think maybe DC had too much on it's place to notice much. Was the Monarch storyline every really resolved...aside from the big "boom"? Or is the resolution going to be picked up in Final Crisis. Either way...good to have you back.


Lewis Lovhaug said...

It was never fully resolved and sadly Arena especially had no resolution.

Keith, I would've totally bought this, if only to see a rescue like that, especially since it turned out that Arena sadly didn't affect Countdown (maybe that was for the best - not getting it in any deeper with Countdown than it already was).

Andrew NDB said...

I was there at the Emerald City Con and I got up in the DC Panel and specifically asked Dan what was the status on "Keith Champagne's Green Lantern Corpse mini-series." After half the room shouted at me, "It's pronounced 'CORE!'" like ill-informed morons, the answer to my question was, "I don't know."

Do you know? I'm dyin' over here, man.

TheRealMcCaw said...

I would so have bought this. And found it a much better read than Monarch's eventual fate in Countdown.

keith champagne said...

devilbanex, my email address is listed under my profile. Drop me a line when you get a second.

And thanks for taking the time to ask Dan.

Hey Lewis, nice to see you pop up again! I'll fill you in at Fallcon this year about the behind the scenes Arena/Countdown stuff.


Andrew NDB said...

Sorry, Keith, I'm pounding my head against a wall trying to find your E-mail in your profile here or otherwise.

I'm at if you can shoot me a line.

I also own/run the if you'd ever like to stop by. I'd be thrilled to make you an honored guest if you do so.

PyroTwilight said...

God, I would've wanted to see Arena continued it's personally bugged me a lot that it never has.