Thursday, January 15, 2009

Follow me to victory



The one reading this post right now. Do you read my blog on a regular basis? Do you see that list of followers over to the left hand side of this entry? Do me a favor, join the club, and officially follow me. If I get enough people, I'm interested in starting a cult (I make GREAT kool-aid!!). We'd need a good name for our cult, a robust health and dental plan, and a large tract of land to commune on (hopefully somewhere warm). And we can do cool things like wear robes, debate Superman versus Thor, and get tax breaks from the government.

But it all starts with you. I promise not to poison anyone or marry all the ladies (sorry ladies). I also promise to have movie nights every other weekend. So follow me to victory!


alucardbarnivous said...

How about "Lifestyles" as a riff on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous? Cavier wishes and Champagne dreams and all that? :)

alucardbarnivous said...
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liondormant said...

Superman vs. Thor?!? How about Ccaptain Mmarvel vs. the Mighty? How about Wolverine vs. daredevil? How about batman vs. Everybody? Wait a sec, is there a plan for a pool on this commune? we should ahve a pool. Inground. I'm just sayin.

jackpurcell38 said...

where the Kewl-aid at?! Hope to see you at the nyc show! Consider me a follower!