Monday, January 26, 2009

More Mighty

Hmmmm...another post about THE MIGHTY. Noticing a trend here?

There's another article up on Ain't It Cool News regarding America's favorite new comic book. I didn't have much to do with this one. Tomasi put it together, it's a script to pencils to inks to colors guide to how a comic is made, using The Mighty as an example. Check it out if you're interested, here's the linkage:

After all these years of blogging (three!), I still don't know how to insert a live link. I'm pretty pathetic.

In other news, I finished my last page of Supergirl #38 today, ending my professional obligation to the book. While I'm not happy with the way things have ended, I'm very proud of the run of work Jamal and I produced over the last few years, from Firestorm to Nightwing to Supergirl. Some artists I've worked with, it's a struggle to fit my style or sensibilities with theirs. Jamal's work always felt like a very natural fit with my style. But all good things come to and end eventually, even Big Poppa and I. So I'm shelving my pens and brushes to focus on writing full-time again. I've got a couple of new projects lined up with different companies and, I'm told, a third shaping up at DC. Let's see what the future brings.

I'll be travelling the world the next couple of weeks so blogging will be even more sporadic than normal. Eventually, I'll end up at the New York Convention, at least the final day of the show. No idea what my signing schedule might be but maybe I'll catch you there.

Take care. THanks for reading.

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