Sunday, February 01, 2009

Mighty #1

A brief layover back in CT on my two week world tour.

While I have a second, I wanted to ask everyone to please pick up a copy of Mighty #1, on sale this Wednesday. And let me know what you think in the comments section, by all means.

I'm a little partial but I really feel that by the time the fourth or fifth issue of this book hits and the story is really rolling along, people will feel it's the best title DC is currently publishing.

Let's find out if I'm right.


Dan said...

Already had it added to my pull list Keith!

Looking forward to reading it!

Jimmy T said...

I'll grab one also Keith.

Jimmy T

brobinson50 said...

Picked it up today and really liked it. And it is on my pull list. I think my lcs already sold out so good news there. Enjoy nycc if you're going

Brad Brown said...

Hey Keith,

I picked up issue one...and I liked it. No Skrulls, no space vampire-New God thingies, nothing overly-convoluted. I look forward to seeing where your story is going. I believe gave "the Mighty" a good review as well. How was NY?

jackpurcell38 said...

hey Keith,
Good seeing you at the show Sunday! Hope to see your name adorning lots of titles this year along with my own on the shelves next to them! ;) Will look forward to reading Mighty #1 and giving my two cents!

ThirdScribe said...


You just got a fantastic review on CBR!