Monday, October 30, 2006

Yet another interview

In the fastest turnaround EVER, my latest interview to promote the Green Lantern Corps stuff has been posted today--in spite of the fact that I just finished forwarding the answers to the questions last night. I wasn't expecting it to be posted until December when the book ships yet, nonetheless, here it is for the world to read and make fun of...

One thing I noticed while looking through the art is that the colored pieces (the covers for issues #7 and #8) aren't the final colored versions. I think those are temps that were rushed through to have something to advertise in solicitations. I've seen the finished colored covers and the difference between the two versions is staggering.

The art pictured here is page three from issue #7 by the great Patrick Gleason and Prentis Rollins. I was thinking of posting the script for this page and comparing it to what they drew, maybe I'll do that later this week.

Hope you enjoy the interview if you take a few minutes to read it!

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MrNinja said...

Great stuff K, an excellent interview. Can't wait to read the books!