Sunday, January 07, 2007

All lines currently busy

Haven't had much time for blogging lately and that's actually a good thing.

Similar to this time last year, when I was working overtime inking my first issues of Batman and Firestorm, this year finds me swamped in much the same manner, exception being that this year, it's writing work that has me up at the wee hours of dawn.

About a week and a half ago, I was offered my highest profile writing gig (by far) from DC and took it without hesitation. The flip side is that, because this project was decided on at a very late hour, there's no lead time and the shipping date (April) is absolutely inflexible. Unlike the Green Lantern Corps work, where I basically went off on my own and did whatever I wanted, I'm currently living in a world of editorial mandates. It's forcing me to use different sets of muscles creatively, trying to build a story around things instead of building things around a story.

It's fun though, and exciting if not stressful and a bit nervewracking. I'm also getting to work with another creator whom I admire very much and have for a long time.

All of this is very vague because there's nothing specific I can say. The project will be announced in about another week, if not sooner. Anyone who pays attention to the DC solicitations will recognize what I'm talking about pretty easily.

Oh, by the way, Green Lantern Corps #8 (written by yours truly) and 52 #36 (pencils by Jamal Igle, inks by me) are both shipping this Wednesday, January 10th. If you check them out, I hope you'll enjoy them.

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SallyP said...

My goodness, but this does sound intriguing! And GLC is coming out this week? Huzzah!