Friday, January 26, 2007

Beau Smith speaks!

This meant a lot.

The last real man in comics, Beau Smith, mentioned my first issue of Green Lantern Corps in his latest online column, Busted Knuckles. Here's the linkage...

Beau was nice enough to email me a 'heads up' that he was talking about my writing of Guy Gardner, a character near and dear to his heart. The very nice things he said really made my day.

For the uncounted trillions of Green Lantern fans who have enjoyed my characterization of Guy, I'm just following the template that Mr. Smith laid out for two some odd years. He pretty much wrote the textbook on how GG should be portrayed. He gave Guy Gardner a soul behind the sometimes-asshole facade and the fact that I'm doing him proud makes me feel like I did something right.

To me, Guy Gardner's rough exterior masks the fact that he's got the biggest heart in the world. He doesn't let that love slip through too often but I think it's the key to what makes him tick.

Beau, if you read this, I didn't feel like I really got a handle on Guy until issue #9. Or at least, that's the issue I would have gotten a good handle on him if I didn't kill him off in issue #8. So I hope I continue to make you proud and most of all, I look forward to your inevitable return to Guy Gardner's life.

After all, John Ostrander is back on Suicide Squad. It's only a matter of time before you get yours.

Your amigo,

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SallyP said...

Very nice. I read Mr. Smith's article and loved it. And I can't WAIT until GLC #9 comes out! Gah!

Who knew writing was so much fun?