Monday, February 12, 2007

GLC #9

Just a quick reminder that GREEN LANTERN CORPS #9, the last chapter of my three-part story "The Dark Side of Green" arrives in stores this Wednesday, the 14th.

Unless you live in England; then you've got to wait an extra day...right, Chris?

Anyway, the last three words on the last page are my personal favorite from the entire story. I'm sure you'll understand why after you read them.

I had a great time playing in the Green Lantern sandbox and I'm sure this won't be the last time I'm called on for honorary duty in the Corps. Or maybe even The Corpse.


mrkvm said...

Can't wait! And I'm sure hoping we'll see more GL stories from you, Keith.

Anonymous said...

That's correct Keith! I'll be reading my copy on Thursday and I can't wait! It's been so exciting reading your work again, I'm anxious to find out what you are working on next!

Brad_Brown said...

Looking forward to it. I picked up a copy of your Xena annual this weekend, so I'll have a little champagne party in the Brad-cave later. In other news, I find it inspiring that the same hands that type such intricately crafted stories are capable of hurling a bowling ball in excess of 25 mph. Truly you are an amazing man

keith champagne said...

Taken out of context, "A little Champagne party in the Brad-cave later" may be the creepiest thing I've ever heard.

Unless there was a helluva lot of money involved.

And just for the record, that was 25.6 MPH!

SallyP said...

Ahhh...a little Valentine's present for me. I swear that I WILL slog through the snowstorm to get to the Comic Book Store.

liondormant said...

Love your work, Keith-o, and I had no idea about the bowling thing. Nice!

keith champagne said...

Thanks for the nice words, everybody!

In another week or two, I'll probably reveal my next project after World War III.

PAT said...

Keith, I have only one problem with your story, it could have used a bit more cow bell.
But other than that, absolutely fantastic and fun! I hope it wont be the last time we get to work together!
At the very least, I have got to see your hurl a bowling ball at 25mph!
'Gutter', was it?

liondormant said...

Just read the new GLC today, over a delicious Chik-fil-A sandwich. They were both great! I truly enjoyed this series, my friend. Well done, (clapping sound) well done.

Anonymous said...

Keith, brilliant issue and a great conclusion...for now! ;)
I am so glad R'amey isn't dead because she is such a wonderful character. I loved these 3 issues so much, thanks for a neat arc mate!

MrNinja said...

Captain Velocity,

Your inimitable style can only be marveled at. Traveling at such speeds, is it any wonder your always one step ahead?
I truly enjoyed this story.

Your Ever Faithful Sidekick,
Kid Kwickness