Monday, February 26, 2007

Random convention thoughts

All in all, the second NY comic convention was a great improvement over last year's disaster. This time, it was actually a real convention and ran as such whereas last year, it was a complete trainwreck. I'm told over 40,000 people attended on Saturday alone, yet at no point did it feel as if the Javitz Center was about to explode.

Which is a good thing.

I was a part of DC's panel on Saturday, in front of a very packed room of fans, answering questions along with a bunch of other comic creators as best I could. It was my first time being a part of a panel and I found it a little nervewracking in the beginning. All in all, I don't think I said anything too completely stupid and I got a few laughs out of the room which is really all one can hope for in that kind of situation. It's definitely a different experience promoting a project like World War III than I've had at these conventions previously.

I enjoyed spending some time with Pat Gleason, talking about life, Green Lantern and comparing notes and ideas about the future of The Corpse. I now consider myself an honorary member of the Minnesota wrecking crew of comic creators and I'm proud to be the Connecticut branch of such a nice group of guys.

I also had a nice little mini-reunion with a couple of my best friends from my days in The Kubert School. It's nice to reconnect with old friends, especially when you fall back so easily into the old rhythm of friendship. Video interviews seem to be the trend these days, as I did about 4-5 of them over the course of my time at the convention. I think I prefer email interviews, where I can weigh my answers more deliberately but I started getting used to it just about towards the end of the last one I did.

On the flip side, the sheer arrogance of some of my peers never fails to surprise me. The things some people say, either when talking shop or about their own work, can be mind boggling. We make comics, people, not anything important. A little perspective never hurts and, when you're not looking, can keep you growing not only as an artist but also as a person.

A nice time when all was said and done. Next for me on the convention circuit will be San Diego in July and that'll mostly likely be a wrap for my con experiences for the year.


Red Stapler said...

It was great to see you Friday night. I'm also glad you enjoyed this year's con. You seemed so burnt out last year.

God willing, we'll meet again in Spaceballs: 2....I San Diego.

Jimmy T said...

Sorry I missed you at the show. Mark McKenna was right by you and that's where I stored my stuff so I probably walked right by. Maybe next time. I am glad you had a good time.

I posted pix on the inkwell.

Jimmy T

Dan Sai said...

Hey Keith, you did a good job at the DC panel. Never would have known it was your first if you hadn't said anything.

Keep up the good work!


Brad_Brown said...

Well you made into (, unfortunatley, they screwed up your name. Although based on the eyes it coupld be Robo-Keith.