Monday, February 05, 2007

Things I should like?

Does anybody out there watch Battlestar Galactica? I hear many good things about the show, is it worth the time to get caught up?


Anonymous said...

Hey Keith, funny you should ask. Last week I decided it was something I needed to watch so I bought the season one boxset and I am really into it! I really like the concept and the more it goes on, the more you love it.

I'm not sure how it's sold in the states, but here season one wasn't the start, there was a seperate DVD that was pretty much a 3 hour pilot before the season started so make sure whatever you get has that in. I'd say that DVD starts a little slow but it really gets interesting.

keith champagne said...

Thanks, Chris...I appreciate the recommendation. I'll be sure to grab the 3 hour pilot. Then I just need to find 3 hours to watch it.

mrkvm said...

Keith, I was extremely skeptical about this show, and now I'm a fully devoted fan. It's smartly done science fiction and one of the best shows on television at the moment. Amazingly enough, it has just gotten better over the course of three seasons.

One of the things I like best about the show is that the characters have real depth. Several of them are deeply flawed, and, yet, you still find yourself rooting for them.

Also, there's a fair amount of social commentary going on. However, it avoids the trap of being too overtly preachy or specifically siding with a particular idealogical camp.

Chris Schillig said...


I have a question about your work with DC's Scooby-Doo title.

Any chance you could e-mail me when you get a minute?


Chris Schillig

liondormant said...

the show is very good. you will not be disappointed.

robskiles said...

I think we are waisting precious time watching this show. We need to be out there asking for a remake of "Buck Rogers". Hawkman!!!!!!!!! Ebe Debe De

MrNinja said...

I recieved the Season 1 dvd's for Xmas and have since purchased all of season 2(inlc. 2.5) and all of season 3 up to date. I would gladly lend them to you Tuesday for a hamburger today.
I have them in the glove compartment of my Hawk ship, they are closely guarded by Dr. Theopolis and the President (as played by Gary Colemna)