Monday, April 02, 2007

Interview time

With World War III fast approaching, I've been doing the almost requisite interview rounds again.

Vaneta Rogers does her usual nice job over at Newsarama and I've learned she does not suffer fools who do not include her byline. So here's the link:

And here's an interview on Wizard about Book II, conducted by Brian Marmoth, mostly concerning Aquaman. He does whatever a fish can plus more, you know.

Back shortly with more Batman pages.


SallyP said...

I'm just so happy that you are writing some more Green Lantern Corps stories, that I could just die. Well, actually no, because then I can't read them, but you get the idea.

Looking forward to WWIII.

Anonymous said...

hey there cuz...
i'm charlie and lisa's nephew(on charlie's side), we've met once or twice. i don't get to buy my comics often often, but i did finally get to read your story arc on GL corps. i've never been a huge GL fan, but that was actually really cool. so many comics, even good ones, are still predictable, it was really great to see someone open up new ideas. i look forward to reading more of your writing. hell, they should just give you a bunch of miniseries to explore that whole block ops, GL plot.
by the way, i'm stuck in a dead end job, and i've been thinking about working up an inking portfolio. i was wondering if you might be willing to answer a few questions to help me get started. i imagine i have a lot of practicing to do before i'm good enough to get a job inking "the adventures of bobo the monkey pirate", i just want to talk to someone who actually knows what their doing to make sure i'm practicing the right way. if you think you can help me out, drop me a line at i really appreciate it. thanks.